A New “Boss” – Nikon D810

A couple of years ago Nikon surprised the pro-level camera community when it introduced a 36 megapixel full frame sensor in its new D800 DSLR. Up until that time, 20 to 24 megapixels were about the most you could expect to find unless you spent megabucks for a medium format camera.   Shortly thereafter, for the ultimate in resolution, Nikon then offered a “brother” to the D800 in the form of the D800E.  The D800E eliminated the anti-aliasing filter (or “low pass filter”), which almost all digital cameras have traditionally used to try to reduce moiré by slightly blurring the image before it reaches the sensor.


This week Nikon announced a replacement for the D800 and the D800E, the D810. The new D810 is evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary, and replaces its two older brothers with many improvements.


For example, the rear viewfinder is an OLED panel instead of the less expensive LCD panel as found in most cameras.  This OLED display offers higher image quality and definition along with increased brightness, both of which will be much appreciated. The TTL pentaprism optical viewfinder was also enhanced with improved prism coatings.


Nikon upgraded the micro-lenses on the D810’s new sensor for better lowlight sensitivity, with an ISO range now extending from 32 to 51,000.  It also sports Nikon’s new EXPEED 4 image processor for increased performance, offering a burst mode of up to 7 frames per second (in DX mode) in order to manage the very large image files a 36 megapixel sensor generates.


Since we have not yet tested the camera we thought it might be helpful to share a portion of Nikon’s press release for those of you who would like additional information about Nikon’s new D810:


The D810 is a multimedia HD-SLR for photographers and cinematographers

  • New FX-format 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low pass filter

o   Extremely high-resolution, broad dynamic range and stellar sharpness

  • Bolstered by EXPEED 4 Image Processor that offers enhanced image quality and a 30% overall boost in performance

o   Overall performance enhancements (white balance, reduced false color/moiré)

o   Wider ISO range (64-12,800) for improved low-light performance (expandable to ISO 32 and 51,200)

  • Advanced Scene Recognition System, Picture Control Profiles, Highlight weighted metering options all contribute to enhancing image quality and resolution for all types of photographers
  • Powerful video features for cinematographers

o   Full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 60/30/24p and versatile FX and DX crop modes

o   Uncompressed digital video HDMI output to an external device while recording to SD or CF memory cards

o   Zebra stripes for over exposed areas, full manual controls and full time AF

  • Enhanced 51 point Multi-Cam 3500 FX Autofocus system
  • New RAW Size Small format (12 bit) provides increased flexibility in workflow
  • Engineered for versatility and performance with bright viewfinder and 3.2-inch LCD screen

o   An “i” button added for quick access to commonly used settings

  • Available in late July for a suggested retail price of $3,299.95 (body only) and in multiple kit configurations.



For more information visit http://www.nikonusa.com, which links all levels of photographers to the Web’s most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities and offers even more detailed information about the D810.


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