Lensbaby Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone

LensBaby Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone
With the booming popularity of photo sharing and photo filter apps, mobile phone users are always looking for a new way to let their creativity shine. Lensbaby, makers of creative effects camera lenses for DSLRs, mirrorless and motion picture cameras, announces the release of the LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone, its first lens designed specifically for mobile devices. At last, iPhone shooters will be able to create Lensbaby’s signature depth-of-field look, the “sweet spot” of focus, surrounded by gradually increasing blur. This magnetically-attaching creative effects accessory lens will be sold exclusively on Kickstarter.com starting today for a 30-day funding campaign. Future post-campaign sales will be available through Lensbaby.com and other online retailers.

This patent pending lens will be compatible with iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c and lets photographers focus on a single spot of sharp focus in their image surrounded by gradually increasing blur. It’s the look Lensbaby, Inc was founded on and remains the most popular effect in their current product line.

LensBaby Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone
Simply adhere one of the Lensbaby-provided super-strong, adhesive-backed stainless steel rings around the phone’s lens. The lens has magnets on each end, so it can be attached and removed from your phone with ease. The bonus of having a magnet on both sides of the lens, is that shooters will be able to use other magnetic mobile phone accessory lenses (wide angle, macro, telephoto, polarizing filters, etc.) on their Sweet Spot Lens to alter their focal length. The Lensbaby app automatically flips the image right-side up, and lets the photographer move the sweet spot of focus around the image to match focus with the perfect composition.

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