Review: Soloshot Auto-Panning Phone and Camera Companion

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel

Soloshot is a new automatic panning device that can work with most any of your digital video devices, whether it be a video camera or smartphone.  Youtube creators rejoice.  Especially those that create outdoor sport action shots. When using the Soloshot,  this new motorized tripod creates videos without the need for someone to man the camera. Using a wearable sensor on the arm, the Soloshot, with your camera mounted to the device, will follow your every move.

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel 2

The build-quality is solid, and the Soloshot is comprised of a base station and a remote sensor. The base station can be charged in about 3-hours with the included AC plug, and it can also charge the remote. A full charge will provide around 5 1/2-hours of battery time.  The base can also carry a load of around 5-pounds, and is a breeze to setup.

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel 6


Both the base and the remote have to be powered to initially calibrate and pair. This takes around 10-minutes. Now you’re ready to use.  Simply walk in view of the camera, and look for a red light beam from the base.  Press the pairing button until the light turns green, and the camera will start to follow your movements.  Video seems to be smooth and void of any jittery panning.  It also does a great job with the actual video quality.  Assuming you have an auto-focus feature, panning moves smoothly enough to easily adjust to depth and subject matter. 

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel 7

Soloshot uses a GPS and radio signal to communicate your position back to the base station. Initial calibration will make sure both the base and the remote are in sync and positioned properly. A micro controller computes the angle, and the panning head is moved to the appropriate position.  This is why the SoloShot can’t work indoors.

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel 5

Bottom line, the Soloshot is a very unique video companion, which can provide one-man operation, particularly if that one man/woman is also the subject being filmed.  It’s great for sporting action shots, and many have reported using it to improve their golf stroke or racquet swing.  Priced at around $479, Soloshot is a bit salty, but worth a look.

SoloShot Automated Camera Swivel 4

Check out the video demo….

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