Six Tips to Keep IP Camera Hackers from Accessing Home Videos

Six Tips to Keep IP Camera Hackers from Accessing Home Videos

IP cameras have been enabling consumers to gain live Internet video streams of their home, office, pets, and even children. Although these video feeds are meant to be private, some hackers may be able to gain access to these cameras to spy on consumers and their families.

It’s recommended that you follow these six tips to make sure IP cameras are secure from hackers:

  1. Before Buying, Read the Box: It’s important to purchase a camera that encrypts its video data so that only authorized users can view the video feed.
  2. Use a Secure Internet Connection: Secure Internet connections needs to be used when transmitting video feeds. A camera should support current wireless security protocols as well, such as WPA 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)
  3. Secure Websites to View the Feed: Just as with other URLs, it’s important to make sure the website broadcasting the video feed starts with “https,” instead of “http,” when you log in.
  4. Pick a Secure, Unique Password: Even if cameras allow you to turn the password requirement off, never choose this option. This would enable a live public broadcast of anything cameras see. Passwords should be 10 or more characters, capital and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols, and not be the same as that used for another website or service.
  5. Don’t Get Careless with the Mobile App: Mobile apps may not have the same security standards as IP camera websites. Although convenience is key with these apps, users must stay protected logging in through secure password protected networks. A great alternative is to use a phone’s built-in browser to access the same page as if on a computer.
  6. Keep Your Software Up-To-Date: Updates include new protocols to protect against those newly-discovered viruses and privacy threats. This should be done both for camera software as well as any software associated with the mobile app.

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