SpyderHD Color Calibration Suite by Datacolor

SpyderHD CaseDatacolor has become a common name in photography circles for their hugely successful line of Spyder monitor color calibration hardware and software. Now they have another great product, the SpyderHD premiere color calibration suite for professional photographers and videographers. The SpyderHD is designed to color manage photo and video workflows, from scene, camera and editing, to final output. The new SpyderHD is sure to suit the needs of any advance professional, such as renowned Hollywood photographer Lee Varis who uses SpyderHD as his preferred solution for tonal linearity in computer display calibration.

SpyderHD includes the new Spyder 4ELITE HD integrated display calibration application; the first of its kind. This gives you the ability to adjust calibration functions for not just computer displays, but also video reference displays and TVs, all within a single application. Also included with the SpyderHD is the innovative SpyderWEB, the customized mounting system which enables you to securely mount the Spyder on most screens up to 70”.

In addition to display calibration offerings, the SpyderHD also includes two important camera solutions: the SpyderCHECKR, a powerful 48-color test chart which is durable, foldable, and tripod-mountable, and the SpyderCUBE. The SpyderCUBE is a small calibration and white balancing tool that makes a big impact on correct color temperature and exposure settings. It provides white balance, exposure, black level and highlight references in any lighting condition. Its unique multi-faceted design detects primary and secondary light sources, while maintaining a portable, mountable, and extremely durable design. zthe SpyderCUBE is a favorite that belongs in every photographer or videographer’s bag. Combined, these tools enable photographers and videographers to capture consistent color day-to-day and camera-to-camera, enhancing their entire digital workflow.


SpyderHD is available immediately for $349.00 and comes with the following:

  • Spyder4elite hd and desktop cradle with tripod mount
  • Spyderweb
  • Spydercube with storage pouch
  • Spydercheckr
  • Software CD including new integrated display calibration application
  • DVD and BluRay Test Pattern Discs
  • Screen Cleaner
  • Quick Start Guides and Warranty Card


Check out this video on the SpyderHD:

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