Sony Designing Smartphone Camera Lens

Sony Designing Smartphone Camera Lens

Smartphones aren’t exactly known for there stellar cameras.  However, Sony wants to fix with a  lens camera.

Traditionally, smartphones have not been able to compete with DSLR-quality because the high pixel count combined with the tiny sensor.  Sony’s  “lens camera”, though, is a little different. It’s essentially a free-standing lens with everything built into it.  Additionally,  it will  have its own battery, NFC, WiFi, sensor and everything else you need from a camera except a viewfinder and controls.

That’s where your smartphone comes in. Sony’s Lens Camera is designed to pair with, and be mounted on, multiple brands of smartphones. So, if you want to take a good picture, you clip the lens onto the front of the phone camera, press a button, adjust the lens and shoot.


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