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Speecup Review

Pros: The Speecup is edgy, versatile, and offers great sound quality. We love the “wow factor” it brings from both the unique design and impressive gesture control. Both voice and gesture was extremely responsive.

Cons: It may be difficult to secure if you’re on the move without a spare cupholder in your car or backpack.

Bottom-Line: If you’re looking for a great bluetooth speaker that can move as much as you do, look no further than the Speecup. It’s unique design makes it one the most versatile speakers on the market. The flexibility lets you use it anywhere. It’s my personal nominee as best wireless speaker for golf!

Detailed Review

Speecup is a one of a kind voice enabled bluetooth wireless speaker system. It comes standard with built in gesture control. All it takes is a simple wave of the hand to start or stop your music. It’s unique “cup” design is not only eye-catching, but extremely functional for those on the move. If you’re looking for one of the best portable bluetooth speakers, look no further than the Speecup.

The Speecup is one of the products we review that has a “wow factor”. It’s guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone in the room wondering “where is that loud music coming from?” The unique cup design secures the Speecup in any standard cupholder so you don’t have to worry about sending it through the window during a sharp turn. It brings added value to the table by doubling as a USB phone charger. Streaming music is a battery hog for even the heftiest of phones, this is a brilliant solution to never leave you stranded without battery life. With a built in noise-cancelling microphone it can also be used as a hands-free device for texts and calls from your phone.

Sound Quality
It’s common with stylish speaker designs to see more emphasis towards the look of the unit rather than actual playback, the Speecup bluetooth speaker is an exception to that rule. Sound quality surpasses everything you would expect from a bluetooth speaker in the $100-$150 price range. Crisp highs, clear mids, and the lows never get muddy even at high volume. We ran the Speecup through a myriad of genre’s trying to find a weakness. It sounded great regardless of what was playing through it. The levels were perfectly balanced and I have no doubt the quality would impress even the harshest audiophile.

Voice/Gesture Control
The Speecup has hands-free capability. I wouldn’t recommend the hands-free capabilities on the road if your car already has that capacity, but for older automobiles it’s a great tool to have. I highly recommend trying this feature out in the office, you won’t be disappointed.

All voice controls worked without any hitches. The noise-cancelling microphone actually improved call quality in most of our tests. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the functions for the unit.

Speecup Commands

Adding gesture control to this unit was a stroke of genius, hands down it’s the feature I enjoyed the most. One second my office is resonating with crystal clear music,one quick swipe over the head of the unit and playback stops. We found the gestures very responsive and well done. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort were put into perfecting this functionality.

Battery Life
Battery life for this product at full charge is 20 hours. I didn’t have to worry about charging my Speecup until day 5. Fully charging the unit can take 2-3 hours, but with how common USB ports are becoming (standard in most newer cars) it’s easy to make sure you always have plenty of battery life.

Ease of Use
For such a complex device the Speecup bluetooth speaker is incredible easy to use. It took me just over 20 seconds out of the box to set up and start playing. If you’re familiar at all with bluetooth you will have no trouble getting your unit up and running. The top of the unit has easy to operate controls with familiar playback icons. There is no learning curve for operating the Speecup, I have no doubt that even the most technically challenged individuals could become comfortable using it’s simple design within a few minutes.


Closing Thoughts
I am thrilled with the Speecup bluetooth speaker due to the perfect combination of mobility and quality. For the past few years my golfing buddies and I carry a bluetooth speaker with us at all times. Not everyone is blessed with great driving skills, and on occasion a sharp turn will send our music source flying onto the pavement. I’m especially partial to the Speecup because it finally solved our problem. It passed the stability test through 36 holes, never coming loose once. It’s a disservice to only consider the Speecup for golfers, the Speecup will thrill any tech or audio gadget loving friend or family member. It makes the perfect gift, if you can resist keeping it for yourself!

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