5 Best Gadgets for Fall (Other Than the iPhone 5S)

5 Best Gadgets this Fall

Fall’s here, bringing copper-colored leaves and new gadgetry. As the clocks roll back and the night’s get longer, you may find yourself longing for new gizmos to play with before the inevitable Christmas releases. Here are five that can keep you entertained before the holiday blitz.

Google Chromecast

Google’s new HDMI video streaming stick is, at a mere $35, nothing short of amazing. Simply plug it into your television and the 2.83 dongle streams high definition content from your Wi-Fi connection straight to your television. The Chromecast supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and pretty much anything which plays on Chrome.

Easy access to YouTube means more funny cat videos. More cat videos take your mind off the end of summer . . . and pretty much everything else.

JBL Flip


The JBL Flip

Want a great Bluetooth speaker without breaking the bank? The JBL flip will cost you less than $100, and provides surprisingly good sound for the price. Coupled with speakerphone capabilities and reliable wireless performance, the Flip‘s only drawback is an AC converter instead of a USB port, but the battery provides a respectable five hours of solid listening. Perfect for those last BBQs before the snow starts falling.

The Sleep Infuser


The Sleep Infuser

Unless you live in one of the few civilized states which don’t recognize Daylight Savings Time, your body’s sense of time is going to take a beating when the clocks roll back in the fall. For many people, this means sleep disruptions as they adapt to the new schedule.

The Sleep Infuser helps you get a good night’s sleep at any time of year. The gadget emits a low series of pulses, which duplicates the brain patterns seen during sleep. The pulse is hidden beneath the relaxing sound of gentle rainfall or ocean waves. Your brain wave patterns unconsciously sync with the Sleep Infuser’s pulses, encouraging a good night’s sleep.

How much is a restful night worth to you? The Sleep Infuser goes for $350 to $450.

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Fall, in many parts of the country, marks a gradual drop in humidity which continues into the winter, causing dry skin, chapped lips, and even nosebleeds due to dry mucous membranes. Humidifiers help, but tend to be large and bulky — hardly something you can transport easily between work and home.

The Satechi USB portable humidifier is a lightweight humidifier which sits atop a bottle or glass of cold water. Simply plug in the USB port and it provides much-needed humidification. The little device also doubles as a mister, so you can use it throughout the year. Best of all is the price: a mere $30.

Google Trekker

Google Trekker

Okay, you can’t actually buy this gadget, but it falls squarely into the “awesome” category. Google Trekker is a backpack-based version of the Google street cam. Hikers wear the device as they trek into hard-to-reach places. It’s like property preservation services for the digital world!

It’s Google’s goal to provide visual recordings of the world’s wild places, and you can help by borrowing a Google Trekker for your next hike. With the beautiful colors of fall all around us, many people are getting in their last hikes and camping trips of the summer. Why not take along a Trekker and record the experience for everyone else?


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