Amplicom PowerTel 7-Series Telephone

Amplicom Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine

The Amplicom PowerTel 7-Series Telephone is an advanced corded office phone with an integrated answering machine. The device delivers a clear sound along with the adjustable tone and amplification. This set features large buttons and a large LCD with multiple contrast sets. There is talk-back and caller ID announce (though this feature is only available on the cordless version). The ringer is loud and there are also visual incoming call indicators.

The big buttons on the base make for easy dialing because you can see the numbers better. The talk-back feature speaks the dialed numbers to you to ensure you don’t misdial by accident. The Caller ID Announce lets you know beforehand who is calling – you can decide if you really want to take that cold sales call or not. The speaker allows you to conduct a conversation hands-free so you can continue doing whatever you’re doing. Again, this feature is only included with the cordless version.

Amplicon PowerTel 7-Series Telephone

The answering machine ensures that you wont miss any important messages from people who try to reach you when you are not at home. The speakerphone is amplified which offers excellent hearing of the other person on the line. The PowerTel 7-Series delivers clear calls with a minimal amount of distortion. It also features multiple user-profiles where you can save settings such as volume, tone, and boost for members of your household.

Included in the package are the Amplified Corded Telephone with Answering Machine, and you can add up to four PowerTel 701 cordless units. With this option you can also use a headset or PowerTel 601 wrist shaker. This offers remote answer and emergency functions which comprises a complete telephone system.

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