Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion iPhone Home Remote and Motion Sensor Review (review)

WeMo Switch Plus Motion

If you want to have the right home automation system, it can cost you in excess of $ 10,000. Of course there are budget systems out there that don’t come close to the integration of a professional solution, however a sophisticated solution that is worth the effort and expense is going to cost a little dough. Belkin’s WeMo duo uses a module that you can plug into the wall and control with iOS 5 apps, and it allows you to control all manner of macros, lights and schedule switch timers. Control devices like lamps, fans, the coffee maker, televisions and heating appliances from an integrated Apple device. This can be an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch.

Additionally you can set a number of schedules via your smartphone or otherwise WiFi connected device. There is also the option to configure macros that ensure that lights switch on when you enter a particular room, or set the coffee maker to begin when you enter the bathroom.

WeMo Switch Plus Motion 4

Setup is fairly easy as you just need to plug in a module into a power outlet, set up the SSID for your network and sync with iOS, and the app takes care of the rest. It essentially becomes a part of your WiFi network at home. Though the process needs to be repeated for each sensor/device you add, this only needs to be performed once. Specs mention that 3G connectivity is possible however that system is buggy at best and likely needs to be refined in a software update.

WeMo Switch Plus Motion 3

There is no Android app, which is a rather serious drawback obviously since there are more Android users than iOS users. There are two ways you can add WeMo to your home automation system. The first manner is via the Switch + Motion kit that includes a power controller and motion sensor, and there is the stand-alone switch variant. You can then add the outlet controllers (at $50 per switch).

WeMo Switch Plus Motion 5


The Belkin WeMo Switch+Motion is a fine solution for home automation for almost everyone.

Check out engadget’s video review…

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