5 Best iPhone 6 Cases

Best iPhone 6 Cases

The launch of a new iPhone creates a shockwave of new cases in its wake. With the new iPhone already breaking pre-order records, protecting it is a high priority. Protection doesn’t have to be bland and bulky, but with so many to pick from it can be hard to found what is best for you. We filtered through the newest releases to find  the ones we believe to be the 5 Best iPhone 6 cases available at launch.



Dash Folio One

First up is the Dash Folio One case from Doria. This case should be given serious consideration if you are a fan of Folio designed cases, or purchase the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. The Dash Folio is a wallet, stand and case in one. A soft cover protects the front of the iPhone, while the iPhone fits into a slim, polycarbonate shell for a secure fit and added protection on the inside. Open the cover and use the Dash Folio to position the iPhone in multiple angles for easy viewing and gaming. Card slots on the inside provide storage for credit cards or a license. The Dash Folio One is a perfect case if you plan on utilizing the new iPhone Plus’ 5.5-inch screen from video viewing.  (MSRP $29.99)



Q Card Case

For the iPhone user on the go who wants to travel light the Q Card Case’s one-piece design combines the protection of a case with the convenience of a wallet. Available in Black Onyx, Pacific Green, or Champagne Gold, this ultra-slim case features a built-in wallet that stores credit cards, cash, and IDs. Constructed with an exclusive patented soft-touch rubber and a premium fabric design, the Q Card Case minimizes your bulk and simplifies your pockets or purse. The lightweight Q Card Case stores all your must haves while also providing protection for your new iPhone with its integrated Lay-Flat Screen Guard.
(MSRP $39.99)


SwitchEasy NUDE iPhone 6 Case

SwitchEasy NUDE – $24.99

SwitchEasy NUDE

The next case worth looking at is the NUDE case from well known case maker SwitchEasy. If spending $300 or $400 for the latest gadget only to cover it up does not appeal to you then this is the case for you. Even if you would rather be without a case the reality is that you still need protection from the elements and every day wear-and-tear. The NUDE case from SwitchEasy allows your iPhone to be as close to naked as possible. Measuring in at 0.6 mm thick it will feel about the same as a iPhone 4 in thickness. Providing a sleek design without compromising on protection makes the SwitchEasy NUDE the ultimate case for the gadget purist who wants to keep it looking slick. Available in a wide array of colors you are sure to find a fit for your style.
(MSRP: $24.99)




Stealth Armor Tough Case

If you are looking for a case that combines durability and customization, then the Stealth Armor Tough Case might be the best fit. This “Tough Case” offers military-grade protection to the iPhone 6, while also allowing you to swap out the back plates for a more customizable case. The rugged dual-layer design combines a shock-absorbent rubber core with a polycarbonate exoskeleton shell, providing you with a sleek case and maximum protection.  The Stealth Armor case comes with a scratch-resistant screen protector as well as 3 interchangeable back plates, Gunmetal, Gold and Silver.
(MSRP: $17.99)



Griffen Survivor Phone 6 Case

Griffin Survivor – $49.99

Griffin Survivor

Griffin is no stranger to Apple cases or accessories, they have made a name for themselves designing some of the best-selling accessories on the market. Their new Survivor line of cases for the iPhone 6 continues that legacy. The Survivor series have all been designed to meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Defense Standard for shock/drop and vibration. New iPhone 6 owners can confidently protect their phone with their choice of Survivor All-Terrain, Survivor Slim or Survivor Core models. Available in a variety of colors, of course. We personally have selected Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain case as our top pick, as it provides the most protection. Designed and rigorously tested, the All-Terrain iPhone 6 case protects your phone from up to a 6.6-foot drop onto concrete. Built with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in shock-absorbing silicone the Survivor All-Terrain case can handle almost anything your day has in store. A built-in screen protector seals the touchscreen from extreme conditions, while hinged plugs seal the dock connector and headphone port to keep out rain, sand, or dust. This protection comes at the expense of size, however Griffin’s Survivor Slim and Survivor Core offer similar protection with a dramatically thinner design.
(MSRP: $49.99)

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