Flappy Bird is Returning to the App Store

Flappy Bird Returning to the App Store
Dong Nguyen, the creator of the ever popular Flappy Bird game made headlines back in February when he declared he was going to remove the 
successful game from the app store. This shocked the world, as it had recently come to light that Mr.Nguyen was raking in upwards of $50,000 a day from ads.

Mr.Nguyen’s official reasoning behind his decision was that “Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed,” and that. “it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever.”

Well forever doesn’t always mean forever, as this morning Dong Nguyen was asked via Twitter whether or not he would be putting Flappy Bird back on the App Store, his reply? “Yes. But not soon.”

Flappy Bird Twitter

While Nguyen didn’t mention a specific time frame for the games return, there are over 60 Flappy Bird clones a day being submitted to the app store so there is plenty of opportunity to hone your skills while you wait.

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