iPhone 6 Survivor Cases Review

Griffin Technology has become one of the industry leaders in accessorizing your your home, car, and life. This American company has been around since 1992, but really took off after the release of the iPod with their line of top quality accesories. With the release of the iPhone 6 we expected Griffin to be one of the first out the door, and they have not disappointed! Their best-selling line of Survivor cases have been updated for the iPhone 6.

These three cases offer varying degrees of protection to suit your style and size preference. What we loved most about the Survivor line is that all three cases were designed with functionality first, and all meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Defense Standard for shock, drop and vibration. New iPhone 6 owners can confidently protect their phone with Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain, Survivor Slim and Survivor Core models.



Survivor All Terrain

Survivor All Terraini Phone 6

The All-Terrain case is the pack leader of the survivor case line. No attention to detail has been forgotten with this phone case, from the stylish color combinations to the shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame. What really makes this case stand above the others is that it is able to keep your new iPhone safe from drops of up to 6.6 feet on concrete! Unless you spend a lot of time with your phone above your head, you should be plenty protected from any unexpected drops.

The All-Terrain includes a built-in screen protector for three layers of protection, to ensure that your phones screen is completely sealed from even the most extreme elements. Dust, sand, and rain are not to be feared when your iPhone is protected with the All-Terrain case, and we are not talking about the screen alone! Hinged plugs seal the dock connector and headphone port when they’re not in use so you can rest easy knowing your phone is 100% safe. All this protection doesn’t come cheap, at $49.99 this is the most expensive case in the line up, but can you really put a price on protection? Griffin did, and it’s $49.99.



Survivor Core

Survivor Core iPhone 6

Next up is the Survivor Core; a beautiful minimally designed case that provides drop protection from 6 feet in a slimmed-down size. The Core is my personal favorite of the three because it provides ample protection without the bulk of the other two. Not only does the slimmer size curry favor, but the minimal design and clear backing allow the iPhone itself to be the center of attention, instead of an elaborate design. Hundreds of hours were put into styling the new iPhone 6. so why cover it anymore than absolutely necessary?

The Core is comprised of two types of plastic, the first is a  thin polycarbonate shell that surrounds the phone, giving the case its strength and notable rigidness. While extra protection is given to the edges and corners with a extra resilient TPE rubber. The Survivor Core is great for anyone who prefers to let their phone be the center of attention, not the case – while still wanting drop protection for those unexpected accidents. The Griffin Survivor Core runs for  $29.99



Survivor Slim

Survivor Slim iPhone 6

Lastly is the Survivor Slim, which appears to be like so many other gel style cases you see now a days… however this little case is a little different than you might expect. Smaller than it’s “All-Terrain” brother, but larger than the “Core”, the Slim fits perfectly in the middle when it comes to size. However it does not slack on the protection! The Slim isn’t just another gel case, it has actually been designed with a tough inner polycarbonate shell that provides a strong foundation for the premium silicon that it is jacketed in to fit itself around. This inner shell gives the Slim a more solid feel in your hand, much different than that of a case made solely of a gel. This solid feeling helps to ease any thoughts you may have about your iPhone 6 not being protected, no matter how soft it may feel on the outside. Like it’s cousins, the Survivor Slim meet or exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense Standards for shock, drop and vibration, and can survive tough drops from 6 feet, making it a great choice for anyone looking for drop protection in a slim, light, and stylish case..



Survivor Waterproof iPhone 6

Coming Soon: the Survivor Waterproof iPhone 6 case

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