New iPhone 6 Lands Sept 10th

New iPhone 6

Since Apple announces a new iPhone every year, the new iPhone (perhaps dubbed iPhone 6), should be hitting the presses at the usual September 10th date, and this year promises to be a bit more interesting in that Apple will unveil not one, but two, new phones.  So what can we expect?

Firstly, we could be seeing a “5S” version, seeing as how the last few generations of iPhone has seen an update and not a complete overhaul.  New generations come on a two-year basis.  It’s also safe to assume this will have a faster processor, better camera and improved battery life. The screen is unlikely to change very much.  Rather, it will be interesting to see what Apple brings to the table with the A7, which was rumored to have some problems with processing speed.  If Apple trends hold, it’ll be a dual-core processor, probably 1.6 or 1.7 Ghz in speed.   Additionally, we will probably see a much-rumored fingerprint scanner.

New iPhone 6 2

The real question is what we’ll see from the iPhone 5c, Apple’s new budget iPhone. I don’t think anyone believes that the iPhone 5c will cost less than $300.  Also, if Apple’s tendencies toward production efficiency holds, this won’t actually be a “new” phone per se.  It’s likely to essentially be a smaller, brighter and more colorful version of the iPhone 4S.

Stay tuned for iPhone news as it happens.

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