Panono “Throwable” Panoramic Ball Camera (video)


The new Panono is perhaps the most unique camera we’ve seen to date.  Essentially, this wicked ball-shaped camera is actually a throw-able panoramic ball camera made of a tough clear plastic.  The idea here is that you throw it up in the air, and the 360-degree Panono allows you to take aerial images….sort of the ultimate action-cam.  Alternatively, you can place it on a stand for an enormously wide-angle capture of any shot.

The Panono has 36 fixed-focus cameras that activate simultaneously, creating a 72-megapixel image. An accelerometer calculates when the Panono reaches its highest point, which then engages all 36 shutters. The associated Android or iPhone app allows you to preview low-res versions of the images on the spot.  It also uses your smartphone or tablet to upload all 36 individual images to the cloud for stitching and archiving, which can then be viewed as a panoramic image on your smart device, the Web, or social media site. The images are stored on internal flash memory, which hold over 400 complete panoramic pictures.

The Panono is a crowd-funded Indiegogo project, and it ain’t cheap.  In fact, the promo price right now is $499, and it will cost even more if it makes it to retail.  Still, the Panono is a very cool concept and product, and hopefully it will reach the mainstream market.

Check out the video…

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