Philips Wake-Up Light (video)

Philips Wake-Up Light

If you’re not especially fond of mornings, and that alarm clock sounds like a fire alarm, you might be a perfect candidate for the new Philips Wake-Up Light (HF3550), a special type of bed-side alarm clock taht simulates sunrise to wake you up gradually. Inspired by the naturally brightening light of the sunrise, the device will increase in brightness over a 30-minute period before you wake up so that your room is filled with bright yellow light, allowing your body to adjust easier when getting up. The light simulates your body to wake up naturally and comfortably so you’re in a better mood in the am. It’s scientifically proven that this method will leave you more energized and more ready to face the day in a good mood.

Philips Wake-Up Light 2

The light has 10 different light intensities, since sensitivity to light differs for each person, allowing you to personalize the setting to what you like best. The light can go up to 200 lux for those who need bright light to get them out of bed. And at your set wakeup time, the light will sound off a gentle beep to complete your wakeup experience, with the sound increasing in volume over the following 90 seconds. There’s also a snooze button if you’re not ready to get up yet, and an iPhone app that allows you to set alarms, functions and features right from your device to the Wake-Up Light, as well as charge your iPhone with the included docking station.  The Wake-Up light is currently going for around $65.


Check out the video…

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