Review: Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5 (video)

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5 2

The new Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5 now gives your “5” device wireless charging, bringing an inductive charging system that’s a “Snap” to use.  It’s the same technology used with Duracell’s 24-Hour Power System for the iPhone 4, however, the PowerSnap ushers in a new design, compatible with Apple’s Lightning Connector.  The new PowerSnap  also has a snap-on battery pack that turns it into one of the few battery-case solutions available on the market for the iPhone 5.

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5

The PowerSnap kit contains two pieces: a removable SnapBattery and a snap-on AccessCase.  The SnapBattery is a battery pack that attaches to the case for mobile power, while the snap-on AccessCase is a light and thin plastic frame that adds wireless charging capability to the iPhone 5.  The AccessCase comes apart into two pieces.  The top part looks a lot like your typical plastic snap-on case, while the bottom piece houses the Lightning Connector and slot for the 3.5mm headphone jack. The bottom portion also snaps in and out pretty easily, which is cool for installation. 

On the back of the AccessCase slides and snaps the SnapBattery, and together the kit measures a thin 5.36 by 2.41 by 1.15 inches and a feathery 4-ounces.  On the back of the SnapBattery are four LED indicators and a Power button, along with a spring-loaded door that covers a micro USB port for charging both the iPhone and battery.

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5 4

To charge, you place the AccessCase-clad iPhone 5 or the SnapBattery on a Duracell Powermat to charge. The magnetic attraction helps guide the accessories into place and a chime lets you know it’s charging. You can charge the two pieces separately, or together with the SnapBattery attached to the AccessCase.  Syncing must be done wirelessly, and you’ll have to supply your own Duracell Powermat accessory, which runs around $34.99 for one device and $69.99 for three devices.



The PowerSnap Kit, along with the SnapBattery attached, is basically a battery case for the iPhone 5, which, based on our testing, were able to gander around 5 1/2 hours of talk time, which is pretty decent. The fact that the PowerSnap Kit adds inductive charging is a very premium bonus because if you’ve ever used a wireless charging setup, you’re probably familiar with the fact that it makes charging a mobile device, effortless. Duracell is right at the forefront of an inductive charging revolution.  Many big phone manufacturers, (including Nokia and HTC), have been gearing up their breadth of offerings with wireless charging for a couple of years now, and inductive charging stands to be the charging solution for the near future for most mobile devices.

Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit for iPhone 5 3


The Duracell PowerMat PowerSnap Kit comes in white and black, and you can purchase it for around $99.99 at select retailers. 

Check out the video review by SethFitzgeraldHD….

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