Review: LinKase WiFi Signal Booster iPhone 5 Case (video)

Absolute Linkase

Absolute Technology’s new Linkase fits any iPhone 5, and claims to boost your Wi-Fi signal by up to 50%, as well as protect your phone to boot.  The $49.95 product has a slide-out antenna to work.  This slide-out EMW (electro magnetic waveguide) element grabs a signal that an iPhone cannot, and “pairs” with the iPhone’s on-board antenna to get a Wi-Fi signal from every direction.  The company claims that a user’s hands often block the phone’s ability to get the Wi-Fi signal.  Because the EMW unit slides out, that’s not a problem anymore.  EMW is the latest signal-enhancing technology.

Absolute Linkase 3

The LINKASE Signal Enhancer for iPhone 5 comes in a clear retail box, and comes with a case, instructions and an extra EMW element.  It uses a polycarbonate back for protection with a shock-absorbent rubber raised bevel on the front to shield the screen.  Your iPhone 5 will fit snug in this little beauty.

linkase chart

Absolute Technology created a chart that compares Wi-Fi signals with and without the Linkase on an iPhone 5.  According to the company, download speeds are increased, and in places where an iPhone 5 normally loses Wi-Fi, you’re able to connect, albeit with much lower download and upload speeds than the area near the router.

Absolute Linkase 4

In our test, we did see up and down speeds improve, but something we found very interesting is that the Linkase is designed to enhance Wi-Fi speeds in areas that have weak signal.  When testing in strong Wi-Fi signal areas, where the data is already reaching its maximum upload and download speed, LINKASE will not provide much extra boost on the data transfer simply because a limit is set by the Wi-Fi network service provider, and is already being reached.

Absolute Linkase 5 Absolute Linkase 2

Bottom line- Linkase was developed to solve a real world issue that does exist…weak Wi-Fi signals.  We did see a drastic improvement in signal strength in areas of poor WiFi signal strength.  It’s a decent protective case as well.  You can buy the EMW separately uf tiy misplace or break the EMW element, and if “black” is not your color, the Linkase also comes in Chili Red, Frost White, Antarctic Blue and Ash Grey.

Absolute Linkase 6

Check out the video….

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