Review: Pear Pro Training Intelligence System

Pear Pro Training Intelligence System

If you’re interested in a workout coaching system, boy do I have “beaut”.  The new Pear Pro Training Intelligence System includes the PEAR Square One, which has audio workouts you can customize from dozens of plans from the company’s web site.   Additionally, it’s compatible with iPod Shuffle and iPhone 4s and 5 models.  The system includes a wireless foot pod and heart rate monitor to track distance, speed and your heart rate.

Pear Pro Training Intelligence System 3

To use, you simply plug the Square into a USB port to download audio workouts and to upload your data after a workout.  As mentioned, the heart rate monitor and foot pod will transmit data to the Square One, or any ANT+ receiver. If you have another heart rate monitor watch or ANT+ receiver for your smart phone, you can use that as well.  The Foot Pod accelerometer clips to your shoe and also transmits information to the Square One, such as distance and speed. The Sport Earphones allow you to hear your audio coaching, data readouts and music, and a button is available to hear this info on demand during your workout.

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The PEAR Portal has a a lot of  training plans, including those for runners, walkers, marathoners and professional athletes.  You can set the device to tell you what data you want to hear and how often.  Choices include elapsed time, pace, heart rate, current & target heart rate zone, calories, elapsed distance, and cadence.  Additionally, when you’re ready to workout, you have five different workouts on the device to choose from. Your audio coach starts your workout, and will relay info such as pacing, telling you to slow down or speed up to stay in the right heart rate zone.  If you want a data reading on demand, you press the button on the right earphone.  When you’re done working out, your device shuts off automatically….of course saving the information. 

Pear Pro Training Intelligence System 2

To gauge your performance, upload your workout info to your PC via the PEAR portal, where you can view your data. In addition to performance information, the portal also gives you a score for staying within the target heart rate zones, and if you’re really vain, you can post your workout on Twitter or Facebook from the PEAR Portal. 

The Pear Pro has an advantage over other competing products because of the audio readouts.  This is pretty cool.  It’ll keep you on pace and gives you an efficient workout you might otherwise not get if you didn’t have the info on demand.  Additionally, it provides a lot of information that tracks all aspects and important components of staying in shape.  And to be able to include music via your desired Apple product is a bonus.  At $200, it’s not the cheapest workout trainer out there, but the additional audio features and the free portal do make this system one to watch.

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