Revolv Wireless Hub (video)

Revolv Wireless Hub

The new Revolv serves as a hub for all your wireless stuff. You simply plug it in (in a central location), and then start the associated app.  You’ll have complete access to all your wireless gear with that one app. No router or nothin’.  Revolv is a self-contained solution, which makes it a lot easier to use. 

Revolv Wireless Hub 3

How does it Work?

The Revolv hub contains seven radios, which allows it to sync with multiple items in your home at once. They’re calling it FlashLink, and once it’s plugged in, it syncs with pretty much anything. Have a Nest, Home Security or Sonos system? It works with all the pieces. Essentially, if you’ve got a home item that can be controlled by an app, the Revolv will see it.

Revolv Wireless Hub 2


The convenience and simplicity of the Revolv is an enormous selling point for this little device. But it ain’t cheap. The Revolv will set you back $299, although that includes the hub, the app, and a Lifetime Subscription to updates, which will add more functionality.  Currently, the Revolv is only available for iPhone.


Check out CNET’s video…

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