Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 (video)

Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 2Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 2

Samsung just announced that the GALAXY Camera 2, which builds on its predecessor and includes numerous upgrades that avid photographers will appreciate. Lightweight with a retro design, the GALAXY Camera 2 lets users enjoy the full benefits of the Android platform,  since it’s intuitive to use and faster than before.

The second iteration sports a 1.6Hz Quad Core processor with 2.9 GB of RAM (with the internal memory supplemented with the pre-loaded Dropbox app, which provides 50GB of free cloud storage for up to two years). Its 16M BSI CMOS Sensor creates vivid images that are rich in color and sharp in detail, while its 21x Optical Zoom allows you to get closer to your subject than ever before.

Samsung GALAXY Camera 2

Sharing your photos is easy with advanced Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, like the all-new Tag & Go that will pair the camera with a smartphone to transfer images via Wifi.  It also has Photo Beam, which allows the picture being viewed on the camera to be automatically sent to the paired smartphone.  Mobile Link will allow users to select images they wish to transfer to their smartphone at their leisure. Remote Viewfinder lets you control the camera using the smartphone, providing greater freedom for setting up and snapping shots.

You can see all your pictures with the camera’s 4.8″ HD Super Clean Touch LCD, which also makes it easy to navigate the many apps and features on the camera. It also has Smart Mode that features 8 different pre-set modes, all designed to address different shooting scenarios, and Smart Mode Suggest allows you to add a helping hand in getting the best photo. New Smart Mode Selfie Alarm makes sure that you get the best “selfie” photos by taking consecutive, high resolution images so that users can select their best angle and share immediately on their favorite social media site.

Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 3

Pricing and availability are still unknown, but the original Galaxy Camera sold for $499, so we’re expecting a similar price point.

Check out the video…

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