Samsung Launches Milk Music Streaming Radio

Milk Music

Samsung launched a new free music service Friday, Milk Music, touting it as a significant improvement from comparable apps already on the marketplace. The South Korean phone and electronic maker’s new streaming radio service, titled Milk Music, includes over 200 stations and 13 million songs. It is designed to be extremely fast, easy to use and highly customizable.

However Samsung is entering an already crowded space with its streaming music endeavor. Streaming music services, such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Inc’s iTunes Radio have all already gathered large audiences of dedicated users. Breaking into the market may prove to be quite the task. However, Daren Tsui, who is vice president of music at Samsung Media has stated “We feel that while the music space is very competitive there is room for improvement.”

Milk Music

Samsung’s Milk Music radio app features a large wheel reminiscent of an old-fashioned radio tuner. This will allows the user to rotate through various genres of music to find something they like. You are able to add your favorite stations to a “My Stations” section, while you can also tag individual songs as favorites or put them on a “banned”  list, never to be played again. Milk Music also features a set of unique sliders that can be adjusted to further customize which songs play, based on factors like release date and popularity.

Milk is powered by Slacker, which may sound farmiliar to many users because Slacker also operates it’s own streaming music service, Slacker Radio. Unlike Slacker, Milk Music is free of ads to all users at no cost. While Slacker does offer its basic service for free, it places ads within the app unless you are willing to pay $4 a month to remove them.

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