Say Yezz, to the Freestyle Mobile Andy A5

Sometimes with all the hoopla surrounding smartphone releases by the big brands who dominate the market, we sometimes forget that there are a number of worthy devices from smaller manufacturers. Especially in the smartphone arena, there are a number of ‘off-brand’ devices that hold their own pretty well compared to the industry titans. One of these is the 3G, Freestyle Mobile Andy A5 smartphone by Yezz.

Freestyle Mobile Andy A5 Yezz

Freestyle Mobile Andy A5 Yezz

The Freestyle Mobile Andy A5 is quite a name, but it is also a powerful Android device. Measuring in at 5.20 x 2.58 x 0.34 inches, it’s a midsized phone for those who aren’t looking for a ‘phablet’ at a reasonable price. Coming with the 4.2 version of the popular mobile operating system it isn’t cutting edge, but it isn’t Symbian either like some other recent entries by better known manufacturers. One of the nice things about the software is that it is a decidedly Google experience without a particular carrier sponsoring all sorts of bloatware. It’s stripped down to the Google-determined bare essentials, which is still more than enough for this phone’s target market.

The display measures 4.5 inches with 245 ppi and 540 x 960 pixels, and the phone has a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. While the processor is a generic OEM model, it still provides fairly smooth scrolling and snappy animations. The 512 MB RAM is just adequate, and you will experience a little sluggishness if you are used to a Samsung or HTC Android device. With 4.5 GB RAM and expandable microUSB slot, you have enough to space to take a few pictures, a video or two and some songs. The nice thing is that you can add an additional 64GB of space, which is even more than most.

On a phone like this you might expect the camera to be the weakest link, but in fact it boasts a 13.1 MP unit on the back. Admittedly the front-facing camera gets a paltry 1.3 MP which is well-below average, poor even. The 1500 mAh battery will get you around 16 hours of talk time, and 25 days of standby.

For the price of around $40, you can’t really get a better phone for the money, and it’ll do everything you need it to.

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