iPhone Illuminating Case by Sparkbeats

Sparkbeats illuminating case for iPhone

Sparkbeats has set out to start a new smartphone trend with its new way to illuminate your iPhone, to notify you with visible alerts for incoming calls or texts.  This unique case and app bends the light from the smartphone’s LED flash through elegantly designed and guided channels built into the casing.

Sparkbeats features visual reminders for incoming calls or texts by utilizing the LED Flash Alerts settings.  There is also added customization by using the Sparkbeats App, which allows you to change your light settings in-motion.  For example, if you’re at a club or concert, simply dance and shake with the case for a distinctive flash that matches your rhythm.  The case design allows the user to see all notifications or flashes from any angle.

Sparkbeats illuminating case for iPhoneThe iPhone’s LED light is converted into a plane light through the light wave guide plate.  As the light moves through the guide, it is reflected internally to light up the whole case.  A cover plate is installed inside to prevent any scratches on the iPhone, along with an ON/OFF switch ensures full control of the lighting effects. Since the Sparkbeats is powered by the smartphone’s LED flash there is no need for an external battery.  That is how this case is able to stay slim and lightweight.  It also boasts a non-slip grip.  The Sparkbeats case is developed from high-grade ABS with a fine textured surface to safeguard against daily wear-and-tear, and retails $49.99

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