Lunecase Energy Harnessing Smart Case for iPhone

Lunecase Energy Harnessing Smart Case for iPhone It’s a known fact that electronic devices emit very small amounts of electromagnetic energy. The energy surrounds most technological products in our daily life. People have endeavored to harness this energy and make it usable. One company decided to transform the unused energy from the iPhone into a notification system on the back of the phone, creating Lune technology. This opens up the door for many products down the road which might harnesses this energy to power exciting and innovative products.  The first product to feature Lune technology is an intelligent iPhone case, the Lunecase.

The Lunecase does not use batteries or any connection with the phone, but users simply snap the case on their iPhone and it will go to work straight away. The Lunecase knows and identifies when users receive an SMS message or a phone call before it is even displayed on the iPhone’s screen.  The Lunecase will identify the type of notification, whether it would be an incoming call, or a text message. The case then displays these notifications on the back of your smartphone with the help of LEDs, using the free energy that is emitted by the device, converting it from the natural iPhone’s electromagnetic energy into a usable energy to power the notification system embedded in the Lunecase.

Lunecase Energy Harnessing Smart Case for iPhoneThe Lunecase does not have any batteries inside the case or any connections with your smartphone, you just have to snap the case on your iPhone and it will go to work straight away. That’s the beauty of the technology – by utilizing the electromagnetic energy there is no need for batteries and connections.

“Accessories made for the iPhone can sometimes take the beauty and easy functionality away from the phone,” said Concepter founder Vlad Tislenko. “Lunecase brings the back of your phone to life and enhances the natural iPhone functionality with no batteries, no cords and no bulk.”

Lunecase Energy Harnessing Smart Case for iPhone Lunecase was created to not only be smart, but also to be protective and sleek.  The case is made out of durable materials that will protect the phone.  The case is thin and contours the curves of the iPhone to perfection.  The top priority was to create a functional and intelligent case that still looked sleek, chic, and preserved the aesthetic lines and contours of the iPhone. The case is innovative, intelligent and hi-tech, and the Luncase succeeded in keeping an elegant, ergonomic and a good-looking accessory for your iPhone! The case remains as thin as the most popular cases on the market.

Currently, pledges start at $30 for super early bird supporters to receive a black Lunecase for iPhone at the time of launch.  For $39 you can choose a black or white Lunecase for iPhone 5/5S and an engraved Lunecase with personalized engraving is also available for $99.

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