Mophie Juice Pack Helium iPhone 5s Case

While phone technology is improving every year, the lithium ion batteries we use to power them haven’t seen major advancements in all too long. The problem is rampant with iPhone users as newer models become more powerful. We’ve seen a steady decrease in average battery life with each new iPhone model. While the latest iPhone 6 is still being tested by it’s users, the iPhone 5 comes standard with just over 8 hours of functional life (down from approximately 9 hours with the iPhone 4).



If you have an iPhone 5 or 5s you’re in luck. Mophie has the end-all solution to your battery woes. The Mophie Juice Pack Helium is an iPhone case with a built-in battery. We’ve had a few months to test out it’s performance and we were very impressed. Our tests were run using an 8 month old iPhone 5s. The test phone was full of battery-draining apps to see how the Mophie really stacked up to it’s claims. The Mophie Juice Pack retails for around $80, and we highly recommend checking it out at



Design-wise we were most impressed with how small it was. While we expected an iPhone case with an extra battery to be bulky, it only added an extra half-inch to the bottom of the phone. The Juice Pack does add a bit of extra weight to your iPhone, but it wasn’t noticeable after a few hours of getting used to it. In terms of improving battery life, you’re always going to have a small amount of additional weight, and we found this completely negligible when compared to the huge benefits it brings to the table.


The Mophie Juice pack essentially doubled our test phone’s battery life. While results will vary depending on your unique phone, we can guarantee that it’s a substantial upgrade that’s well worth the cost. On the rear lower side of the phone there’s a toggle for whether you want the additional battery on or off (referred to as stand-by mode). This is useful because it helps get the absolute most out of your battery life by only switching the Mophie on when your iPhone battery is low.



The bottom of the Mophie Juice Pack plugs directly into your iPhone, and it designed not to block any of your existing ports. This means you don’t have to remove the Juice Pack case to sync your iphone, plug in headphones, or use a wall-charger. It also comes with a handy led battery life display, just tap the rear button and you can tell exactly how much extra battery is left in your Juice Pack.

Final Thoughts

iPhones are notorious for terrible battery life after a few months of use, especially once they’re loaded with apps and games. With how expensive the latest technology is (ahem, iPhone 6) it’s more important than ever to get the most out of your initial investment. If you’re like me and aren’t quite ready to pony up for the latest Iphone, you will absolutely love the Mophie Juice Pack.

After testing we fully endorse this product and highly recommend getting yourself one through!

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