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Smart phone and tablet technology has taken huge strides over the past decade. We’re seeing a transition of mobile devices trying to fit as much screen size as possible into their devices. While we fully support this movement, bigger screens also mean more area susceptible to damage.


From our experience, the best way to protect your mobile investments is ZAGG’s Glass InvisibleShield. After a few months of testing we’re convinced it’s an essential for any mobile device. Add in the fact that it’s only $35 and you’ve got an absolute home run. Read below for some more specific examples of why we’re so impressed with this product.

Screen Protection

ZAGG claims the Glass shield offers military grade protection. While it sounds like a marketing buzz-word, it really is applicable here. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.



While our testing wasn’t quite this serious (a few drop and scuff tests) you get the general idea. Whether you decide to dremel your brand new phone, or just drop it on accident, the Glass shield screen protector offers unparalleled protection against scratches, scuffs, and even shattering.

Hardly Noticeable – Easy Application

Perhaps most impressive about ZAGG’s Glass is the fact that it doesn’t change the physical look or feel of your device. There’s no additional size or weight added, it’s actually easy to forget you even put it on. A huge bonus is how easy it is to apply to your phone, a huge headache for most screen protectors. Nothing is worse than a nice air bubble in the middle of your $500 tablet, but the applicator made it easier than ever to get right the very first time.


The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass is hardly noticeable when applied, and supports almost any mobile device

The Glass InvisiShield is small enough where it works with any mobile device case (if you’re looking for extra protection). It’s also available for a wide array of devices, regardless of your preferred brand.

Lifetime Warranty

If there’s a recurring theme at BestStuff, it’s that we love companies who fully back products with a lifetime warranty. It speaks volumes as to how confident they are, and reassures potential customers that they’re getting a quality product. ZAGG will replace any InvisibleShield if it’s ever worn or damaged for the entire life of your device.

Final Thoughts

I usually avoid spending money on mobile accessories, screen protection is a major exception. Essentially it’s insurance for your brand new phone/tablet, and after personal experience I wouldn’t go without it.

We highly recommend getting your own ZAGG InvisibleShield at their website today! 


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