T-Mobile Wins with Customers and Galaxy S5

Among the wireless service providers currently vying for the attention of cell phone users, T-Mobile seems to be on a tear. In fact, over the last quarter, T-Mobile has added more than 1.3 million monthly subscribers – more than AT&T and Verizon combined. But what’s to account for this huge surge in market share?

It’s hard to summarize T-Mobile’s recent success with a tidy footnote; after all, no one factor can be pinpointed as being the sole reason for T-Mobile’s growth in the marketplace. Rather, a number of elements seem to be helping T-Mobile position itself as a true alternative to its competitors. And this is catching the attention of smartphone buyers, of which there are more than ever!


  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Phone of Today


One element that is definitely helping in T-Mobile’s recent efforts to capture market share is the launch of Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S5. This new phone is arguably the best in the industry at the moment, and T-Mobile has been promoting it heavily in its advertising efforts – it played a big role in the phone’s pre-sale promotions and launch. In fact, T-Mobile has gone out of its way to not only offer the phone, but to provide its customers with exclusive features as well.Samsung Galaxy S5

With T-Mobile’s “Download Booster” feature, individuals are able to leverage the power of both 4G LTE coverage and wi-fi connectivity for faster download speeds. Currently, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon do not offer such a feature – on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other current smartphone available. So how effective is this new feature, available exclusively to T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular customers? Download speeds are purported to be upwards of 90 percent faster.

And yet, even if T-Mobile wasn’t offering exclusive features for the Galaxy S5, the chances are good that it would still help boost T-Mobile’s market share. And that is because the phone is – by all objective metrics – a huge success. It has doubled the launch numbers of the preceding S4, a phone that was released just last year. The draw of the phone is palpable and T-Mobile’s unique offers within the marketplace are starting to draw people away from their iPhones. And speaking of T-Mobile’s offers…


  • The Un-carrier Stands Out in a Sea of Like-Providers


Over the last year or so, T-Mobile has taken huge strides to improve and refine the services it offers customers, and the company seems to finally be reaping the rewards of these many innovate, unique and beneficial programs. Among these programs include:

  • Un-carrier “Simple Choice” Plans – Users can get unlimited talk and text, and 500MB of data, for $50 a month, without having to sign a contract. Think of it as renting an apartment on a month-to-month lease.
  • Jump! Plan – With T-Mobile’s Jump! plan, users can upgrade their phones not once every two years but twice per year. For the gadget and tech-obsessed individual, there is no better plan. That’s four phones in the same amount of time your friends rely on one.
  • Early Termination Reimbursement – T-Mobile is so confident in its services that it is willing to pay new customers’ early termination fees in order to get them to make the switch. In fact, between trade-in credit and early termination fee reimbursement, T-Mobile offers up to $650 per line.

Will T-Mobile continue to spearhead this movement of offering more flexible, more customer-centric services and offers? The jury is still out when it comes to providing a definitive answer to that question, but several things are clear. The wireless service industry is changing and other service providers – including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon – better take note of T-Mobile’s upward trajectory.


  • The Future is Wide Open


The iPhone’s dominance in the marketplace is over. True, the phone isn’t going away anytime soon, and yes, it will continue to sell in huge numbers with the announcement of each subsequent model. But the Samsung Galaxy S5 shows quite definitively that consumers are starting to make an impact on the industry – there are more choices than ever and these choices are better than ever too. Needless to say, the future of consumer electronics is terribly exciting for even the layperson.

Author Bio: Jessica is a freelance journalist who loves to cover technology news and the ways that technology makes life easier. She also blogs at FreshlyTechy.com. Check her out on Twitter @TechyJessy.

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