Yezz’s Billy 4.7 Low Priced Windows Phone

YEZZ Billy 4.7

For all the big smartphone companies, such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, there are also smaller companies like Blu and Yezz, who aren’t partnered within the carrier system but instead sell their phones direct to customers, cutting out the middle man with the goal of reducing costs for consumers. Yezz has focused on low priced phones and Android devices, but today Yezz announced their first Windows Phone 8.1 devices: the Billy 4.7 and 4.0.

The Billy 4.7 is based on Windows Phone 8.1, and comes wrapped in lightweight aluminum. Designed with style-conscious individuals in mind, the Billy 4.7 features curved edges, glossy finish and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, while managing to measure only 7.2mm thin. The Billy 4.7 comes unlocked, allowing compatibility with all GSM networks.

The powerful Snapdragon quad-core processor fuels the ultra-slim smartphone, and with a 13.1 MP camera, a stunning 4.7-inch screen and 1280×720 HD resolution, the $250 no contract phone offers amazing bang for your buck.

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