Smartphone cases ‘top shopping lists of new phone owners’

Smartphone cases top shopping lists of new phone owners imageSmartphone cases are no longer perceived as an optional add-on for the sensible phone owner, rather they are increasingly seen as an essential purchase for anyone with a smartphone.

This is according to The Snugg, an online retailer of tablet and mobile phone cases, which recently conducted an extensive, global survey to find out just how many people around the world now own a case and the reasons behind their purchase.

The survey revealed that no fewer than 74 per cent have a case for their smartphone.

With people relying on their smartphone for many different aspects of their day-to-day lives – be it texting, calling, checking social media, banking online or shopping – it appears they are placing a greater emphasis on ensuring their phones are well protected from bumps, scratches, cracks and breakages that could put them out of contact with the rest of the world for a number of days or even weeks.

The data gathered by The Snugg backs this up, too. A resounding 45 per cent of respondents who own a case explained that protective qualities are the most important characteristics of the product.

Les Yates, Marketing Manager at The Snugg, commented: “Protective cases are now considered an essential purchase for anyone with a smartphone – after buying a phone, the second thought of smartphone owners is more often than not: ‘OK, now where should I buy a case?’ We have seen a massive increase in demand for our products over the past few years – and their popularity is only likely to grow as phones become even more valuable to their owners.”

What’s more, the demand for smartphone cases is expected to be particularly high at this time of year, with Christmas shoppers finding the products to be ideal stocking fillers.

The study found protection is not the only reason people opt to buy a case, with many respondents citing factors relating to personalisation and looks. Some 10.9 per cent pointed to style being the most important quality – unsurprising given the wide range of options available for shoppers. For example, at The Snugg iPhone owners can choose from real bamboo wood, silicone, plastic, leather, suede, ultra-thin and heavy duty cases in a variety of styles.

Surprisingly, only 5.5 per cent of the respondents put price as the main reason behind their purchase. In fact more than 25% said they would be happy to pay more than £20 for their case.

Despite the fact smartphone owners can never plan for accidents, the findings suggest many of the 26 per cent who don’t have a case believe they simply don’t need one. When pressed on the reason for not owning a case, time and time again The Snugg saw the responses, “I won’t drop it” or “I’m careful”.

The data also showed that another main reason for not owning a smartphone case is simply not acting quickly enough. A significant proportion of the 26 per cent without a case said that they understand that they need one, but are simply yet to get round to purchasing one.

However, those who are yet to buy a smartphone case – regardless of their reason for not doing so – could do with acting sooner rather than later to protect their phone, if the statistics are anything to go by. According to the survey, a massive 74% of those who have managed to avoid their phone breaking until now all have something in common: they have a protective case.

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