Top 10 iPhone apps you probably haven’t heard of

Top 10 iPhone apps you probably haven't heard of

Currently there are a wealth of apps available which can offer simple solutions to alleviate daily issues, or simply to provide sources of entertainment. However, due to the enormous amount of choice there are often apps that fade into obscurity, when in fact they could be incredibly useful to you. Below are but ten of these apps which you probably haven’t heard of, but which have the potential to significantly improve your daily life.


This app offers the next stage to your ordinary mobile calendar. The app combines all of your appointments from across Facebook, Google and LinkedIn into one universal calendar. You can scroll through the homepage to see all of your events. Moreover, selecting an event will display additional information including the event’s location, times and attendees.


Utilising state of the art weather forecasting, this app predicts when it will rain or snow, not just hourly but down to the minute. Additionally, DarkSky displays real-time radar emission to illustrate exactly where a storm is moving and sends notification alerts before it is about to rain or snow at your location.


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Mental Maths from Maths Doctor was developed for 10 to 16 year olds to improve their maths skills. The Maths Doctor Mental Maths app is packed full of activities designed to help you improve your skills in a fun and intuitive way. Whether you’re struggling with percentages or equations, or simply want to test your skills, this app is perfect for you.


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TalkTo enables its users to book appointments and even organize a reservation at a restaurant, whilst checking its pricing and availability. The app is registered with thousands of businesses across the US and Canada, providing the perfect tool for any executive businessman.

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5-Last Time

Perfect if you are constantly forgetting birthdays, appointments or anniversaries, Last Time is the optimum appointment reminder app. It tracks your events and reminds you whenever one is coming up. It also keeps a record of previous events, and thus notifies you of any recurring events.


This app permits you to manage your personal expenses on the go. You connect your accounts to the app which will then monitor your spending habits and set appropriate financial goals. You can see exactly where your money is going because the app automatically tracks whenever you spend. Moreover, unlike other financial apps, LearnVest allows you to perform as many transactions as you like without charge.

7-Sleep Time

Perfect if you need to catch up on 40 winks! Sleep Time detects your movement during sleep and provides a peaceful soundscape to lull you into a tranquil slumber. Using your iPhone’s accelerometer, it determines your sleep phase by monitoring your movements as you sleep. An alarm wakes you in the morning when you’re in the correct sleep cycle, and also includes


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Airbnb is a revolutionary invention which connects people who have space for rent with those who need it, providing a simple yet effective solution whether you are going on holiday, or need to find tenants. The app offers over 200,000 listings for rent in over 30,000 cities and 192 countries. Alternatively, if you are wishing to rent your property, the app enables you to find out how much your place is worth and you can then proceed to list it on their database immediately.


Greenify is eminently productive because it helps you to make other apps sleep or forces them to go into hibernation and thus preventing them from drastically draining your battery. This can be incredibly useful if you are without a phone charger and need your phone to last as long as possible until you can reach one. Apps running in the background can take up a lot of ram and cpu, so this app locates any apps you no longer wish to use, and offers you the choice to shut them down permanently or simply for a short period of time.


An ideal app if you wish to improve your cooking skills or learn a musical instrument. There are currently a wealth of online resources which help you educate yourself in a whole new wealth of skills, and this app allows you to do so on the move. It features a detailed collection of how-to-guides for a wealth of different skills, separated by category and presented in an intuitive user interface. You are free to browse guides by genre, search for guides, or create your own, thus personalising the app whilst improving your skill sets.


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