Top 5 Apps That Will Keep Your Finances in Check

Top 5 Apps That Will Keep Your Finances in Check

If you’re one of the tens of millions of people in the United States who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, what you may be lacking might be a solid financial plan. In other words- a budget. Many of us who struggle financially would benefit from taking a good look at our spending habits and analyzing them, in order to find ways on how we can cut back. But, who has time, right? You do, thanks to these five amazing, intuitive and user-friendly financial apps.


Expense Manager

As straightforward as its name, this budgeting app takes the guesswork out of your spending.Expense Manager is a free Android app that allows you to create your own custom categories and easily add in your expenses. The home page displays a breakdown of your spending categories and a running monthly tally for each. It also prominently displays how much money you have left to spend before you reach your monthly limit. You can even run a search if you’re looking for a particular transaction. There’s a $3 upgrade available which, according to CNET, makes it “the most complete budgeting app on the Google Play store”. But, even without the upgrade, the Expense Manager app handles the basics perfectly.

MintCom Personal Finance

One of the most popular budgeting apps is the Personal Finance app, which is available free for both Android and iOS devices. This comprehensive app allows you to track your expenses, as well as the rest of your financial situation, all in one place. You’re able to sync your bank accounts and credit cards so you can know exactly where you stand on all financial fronts. It’s the best advanced personal finance app out there, and is recommended for those who want to do more than just track their budget.



Available free for Android and iOS devices, Expensify is an app that is geared for business travelers. With this app, you track your expenses, import bank account and credit card information, input mileage and other related travel expenses, and you can even take a picture of a receipt and have it automatically recorded as an expense.


Toshl Finance

Looking for a little fun with your finances? Toshl Finance is a budget and expense tracker that utilizes cartoon monsters in its graphics. Of course it’s not all fun and games. This is a serious app that allows you to create a custom budget by day, week, month or year, set up repeat expense entries, and you can even export expense reports directly from the app. The Toshl Finance app is free, and it’s available for both Android and iOS phones.



Once you get a handle on your spending, download the free SmartyPig app. It’s an uncomplicated way to save money for the things you want. The only catch, which isn’t really one at all, is that you need to set up a free FDIC insured savings account on their website. After that, you’ll start earning interest on the money you save, and you can set up as many savings goals as you like. This app will not only help you save money, but it will serve as a constant reminder and inspiration to keep saving every time you get the urge to splurge. The SmartyPig app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.



Even when we do our due diligence and meticulously keep track of our spending, there are some dire financial circumstances we just can’t avoid. Unforeseen medical expenses and job loss, for example, are two of the leading causes of consumer bankruptcy, and no app in the world can help us with that. Make sure you explore all options available to you if you find yourself in that situation. Click here for information on how filing for bankruptcy protection may be able to help you.

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