Top 5 Best PureGear Accessories for the Galaxy S5

PureGear Galaxy S5 Accessories forPureGear has made a name for itself designing reliable mobile device accessories that complement today’s demanding, on-the-go lifestyles. Their products are designed with added features and benefits that make sense for work or play, and a commitment to provide premium quality at an affordable price. With the excitment surrounding the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 the team at PureGear has been busy prepping the ultimate collection of mobile device accessories for this exciting new phone. Here is our Top 5 Best PureGear Accessories for the Galaxy S5.

1. DualTek Extreme Shock Case

What’s the best way to keep your new Galaxy S5 safe from drops, scratches and more? The sleek, durable DualTek Extreme Shock Case. It’s the perfect complement to the water and dust-resistant Galaxy S5. It features an ergonomic grip, shock absorbent corner protection and a rugged, multi-layer construction that absorbs vibrations and protects against impact from bumps or falls. Available in Black, White and Yellow for $34.99

2. Folio Case

With its PayPal finger swipe technology, your new S5 is practically interchangeable with a wallet already. Add our Folio case, and you can leave your wallet at home. This sleek, stylish case features a microfiber inner material, magnetic closure and three slots to hold your ID and credit cards. Available in Black for $39.99


3. PureTek Roll-on Screen Shield Kit

With a patented application tray and roller, this revolutionary screen shield kit is a perfect match for your brand new Galaxy S5. Just pop the S5 into the tray and slide the roller to apply the screen shield. The screen shield is made from high-definition clarity, industrial strength material that rolls on perfectly. It won’t interfere with the fingerprint scanning technology – but it will keep your screen free of bubbles, dust, misalignments and hassles for $24.99


4. Micro USB Charge-Sync Cable

Get more power out of every charge with the Micro USB Charge-Sync Cable. It features USB 2.0 for fast synchronization, and works with all USB car and wall chargers. Available in Red, White, Black, Blue and Magenta. $9.99-14.99


5. Car and Wall Chargers

Even though the new Galaxy S5 features an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which keeps it running for 24 hours at 10% battery life, you’re still going to run out of battery power sometime. PureGear’s Car and Wall Chargers for the S5 make it easy to power up anywhere, anytime.$19.99-29.99

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