Top Seven Free Apps for the Busy Traveler

Top Seven Free Apps for the Busy Traveler

Traveling can be stressful with flight changes, strange airports, and the pressure of making sure your itinerary goes as planned. That’s me in the picture above. We got off our bus too soon and had to walk 4 miles with our luggage on the side of a highway to get to our hotel. Learning from experience, here are a few apps to make sure your trip is enjoyable and you get the best deals in your travels.

Kayak: If you only download one travel app, this should be the one. Kayak allows you to compare prices from a wide range of providers for your flight, hotel room and car rental. You can even book your hotel right from the app. Kayak allows you to rank options by certain criteria such as airport amenities. This is the ultimate travel itinerary app so your trip will go smoothly.

OnTheFly: ITA Software’s OnTheFly app allows you to shop for airfares by comparing options in this easy to use format. However, you can not book the flight through the app. The app gives you the ability to be specific about who would be traveling, arrival and departure times, and many other options to find the best deal to fit your needs. (Available for iPhone only)

TripIt: Going on a month long vacation or just travel a lot for business? TripIt is a must for those with busy travel itineraries. When you get a confirmation email from your flight or hotel, email it to [email protected] and the app will automatically record the information. When you get to the airport, all you need is your phone to access your confirmation codes and information for an organized trip.

HotelTonight: If you do a lot of traveling on the road and stopping at random hotels to sleep, this is the app for you! HotelTonight will help you find last minute rooms for cheap prices. You can book your last minute hotel room starting at 12pm till 2am for a room that night.

GateGuru: If your flight was canceled or you have an obnoxiously long layover, the first thing you should do is open your GateGuru app! From real-time flight statuses to getting discounts on last minute rental cars, GateGuru is your survival guide in airports. You can look up the closest restaurants to your gate before you even pass security. Customize your travel by emailing your airline itinerary to [email protected]

Wikihood: As you travel around the world either on business or pleasure, learn about the cities you visit using Wikihood. This app draws information about Wikipedia tailored to your location. Discover what’s around you that would be interesting to visit and how to easily get to those locations.

Tripomatic: This app allows you to set up an itinerary of things to do during your visit to any of the major cities listed in Tripomatic. Browse through local activities, restaurants and attractions to find the perfect plan to meet your timeline and put all of your destinations in one spot. You can plan your day out based on what attractions you are closest to so you get the most out of your visit.


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