Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 Review (video)

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE, available at Verizon, is a solid effort with the largest Note device that they have ever released. It has been pushed with a noticeable effort from the Korean manufacturer, and at first glance it looks to be a worthy device all around.

Again, this is easily Samsung’s best tablet to-date. The fact that it comes from Verizon makes sure that the experience is sure to please. The processor inside is a quad-core Exynos, and there is also the S-pen and front-facing speakers. Also available is a case cover that snaps into place and enables you to stand up your device and read and watch content with ease. There is also a slot for the stylus on the rear of the device that you can use.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 3

The software adjustments are slight from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean and some other bells and whistles. That said, the Samsung software makes the changes imperceptible, and a major plus is the addition of Google Now. Essentially Google Now combines things like your interests, location and what’s going on in your immediate surroundings in a comprehensive app-experience.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 5

The processing capability of the software is essentially the exactly same machine as the wifi version. Of course the measurement of how well the device is running will depend on where you are in the US and the kind of net that you are using.

The camera is not state-of –the-art but it has a decent quality that you can get away with. It has flash and 5-megapixels, which is fine for photos when you’re out and about.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 4

The Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE is a fine entry into the Samsung line of Note hardware, and this is the largest of it’s brethren. It competes very well with the iPad and serves as a formidable competitor. This is a smart tablet here and it is very versatile though it tilts more toward entertainment than practical uses for real work. The equipment and accessories are excellent what with the S-Pen, and the newest Google mobile OS. The best Android tablet you can find for now.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 2

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