Five New Travel Gadgets

5 Funky New Travel Gadgets

Off on a trip? Whether you’re planning a New York business trip or a backpacking tour through Nepal, you can find small devices to make your journey safer, less stressful and more convenient. From cell phones capable of running on AA batteries to wireless device rechargers, these five new travel gadgets ensure you stay connected while you’re on the move.

The Innex ElectroHUB: Recharge Wirelessly

Plugging your handheld devices into USB wall plugs means having to pack the connectors for each device. And as any traveler knows, connecting wires have a way of going missing when you’re on the road, leaving you with dead devices.

The Innex ElectroHUB provides a wireless recharging station. Yes, you read that right. You place your devices on the 6 by 9-inch ElectroHUB surface and they recharge. Recharge times are comparable to plugging devices into outlets.

The one downside? For the system to work you have to replace your device batteries with compatible ElectroHUB batteries. Battery sets are, fortunately, reasonably priced. For the multi-device user, however, the 11-ounce wireless is worth considering.

Earthmate: Emergency Email

Do you like to hike the back country or disappear into the wilderness? If so, the Earthmate is a wonderful safety device. This palm-sized GPS is capable of directing you across the savannah or to the nearest rehab facilities in Florida, the Earthmate also allows users to deliver one-way email through satellite connections, a feature which could save your life if you’re injured or lost while hiking.

In addition to GPS and email, the Earthmate includes access to barometric altimeter readings, aerial imagery and topographical maps. The device can charge using solar power.

Solar Chargers

Speaking of solar chargers, they’ve become almost indispensible for the modern, device-using traveler. A small charger is just the right size to recharge a cell phone or MP3 player. You can also find backpacks with built-in solar panels. Just plug in your devices, sling the backpack over your shoulders and you’re good to go. Let your backpack charge the devices while you hike or go shopping.

SpareOne Mobile Phone

Cell phones are ubiquitous and useful devices. They’re also easy to lose and prime targets for pickpockets and thieves. Lose your cell phone in a strange city and you could find yourself stranded.

In a serious emergency you may need a backup phone. The SpareOne allows you to make phone calls from everywhere in the world as long as you have a local sim card and a single AA battery.

RuMeld Luggage Tag

Protect you luggage with technology! On the surface, the RuMeld Luggage Tag looks like an ordinary luggage tag. It’s bright and easy to spot on a luggage rack, but it uses a QR code connected to a URL rather than a normal address tag.

If your luggage goes missing, you log on and update the URL with your most recent contact information, such as the address of your hotel. If someone uses the luggage tag to return property to you, RuMe rewards them for their time.

Choose your travel devices carefully: you have limited packing room. To get the most out of travel gadgets chose small devices which offer multiple functions. Always make sure you have some way to charge devices — a dead travel gadget is useless. 


About the author:  Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company and blogs at MarCom Land in her free time.

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