LG “HECTO” Laser TV Projector Shoots 100-Inch Image

LG HECTO Laser TV Projector

While most projectors require a significant amount of “throw” room to display an image properly, the LG “HECTO” Laser TV is a different story.  The HECTO uses a special screen and an external Ultra Short Throw (UST) projection technology that allows it to only need 22-inches from the included screen to produce a 100-inch image.   That’s less than two feet, and LG even says you can toss it on the floor if you’re not into mounting it to the ceiling.  The projector itself measures just 5.7-inches high, providing a small and powerful piece of hardware.

LG HECTO Laser TV Projector 2

Other features include full HD, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, WiFi, WiDi with Miracast, a USB input, three HDMI inputs, and an RS-232 interface for integrating the projector with pre-existing home theater components.  In addition to the included screen, there is a 10w speaker, and LG’s Magic Remote and apps for accessing Netflix and other on demand content providers.  Lastly, LG says that the HECTO Laser TV’s laser will last up to 25,000 hours before it needs to be replaced; that’s 2.8-years of continuous use.

LG hasn’t revealed pricing, but expect additional details to roll out at CES this month.

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