Optoma HD141X Full 3D Home Theater Projector

The Optoma HD141X Full 3D 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port takes entertainment to another level in more ways than one. Experience the total package when engaging in watching movies, TV shows, sports, action-packed video games and more.

What is the Optoma Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector?

The Optoma is a home theater projector that utilizes the full capabilities of the 3D technologies. The cinematic picture will take you and your company by surprise with its clarity and crisp details. The full 3D experience includes 3D Blu-ray players and the latest game consoles for ultra-smooth and flicker free images. The MHL Connectivity allows the system to become a smart connection with your tablets and smart phones. This feature can allow you to easily share pictures, games and more with a simple touch of a button and a wired hookup. The same picture quality and sounds will be transferred through the projection.


  • Full 3D capacity from multi sources
  • Dynamic Black provides more depth and a high contrast ratio.
  • MHL Connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to share pictures, games and more.
  • Brilliant Color allows the images to come alive and dance in front of you in cool and crisp colors, exceptional contrast ratios.
  • Backlit IR Remote Control allows you to see selections easier, even in the dark
  • 6500 hours of lamp life
  • Powerful 10-Watt audio
  • VESA 3D Sync port with full 3D compatibility for multiple gaming consoles

The unit must be centered horizontally and used with DLP link 3D glasses in order to be used correctly. It utilizes vertical keystrokes during the projection process. Imagine the possibilities of turning your outside garden area into a ventral movie station on those warm summer nights. With the assistance of a long (very long) HDMI cable, you can do just that as long as your unit is protected by the elements.

The use of an Optoma HD141X Full 3D 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port can bring hours of fun and enjoyment to your family. Entertaining your family and friends in style will both amaze and please them as they enjoy a picture that is as crisp and clear as the ones they enjoy of a typical LCD television. Spread the joy and you share and compare with everything from movies to games inside and outside. Don’t forget the creature comforts of blankets, pillows and popcorn. This is one projector that you won’t want to step away from anytime soon.

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