Taotaole Mini LED Projector

Taotaole Mini LED Projector3The Taotaole Multi-media Mini Projector takes movie and gaming nights to a whole other level. The idea of a projector adds an element of fun to a family or friendly get-together. If you are in the market for fun activities to do with friends, family and more take a moment and look over the benefits of the Taotaole Projector.

The Taotaole Multi-media Mini Projector is a full service multimedia projector that allows you to project movies, video games and more onto a backing for larger than life viewing and entertainment. It is small enough and light enough to pick and go in a moment’s notice and takes little room for storage. Other great features include:

  • Front Projection mode for crisp and clear pictures
  • 1920×1080 supported resolution allows for clarity and detail in picture
  • Image size can range from 34 to 130 Inches
  • Multiple OS Languages
  • Works with Xbox, PlayStation and other video gaming systems

Taotaole Mini LED ProjectorThe Taotaole Multi-media Mini Projector has a wide and extensive range of uses. In order to achieve the best results, it does need to be extremely dark with no sources of light. Any sources of light will have an impact of view please and picture quality. Images may be broad casted onto the side of buildings such as barns, garages, houses and more. A good backing for the show to begin is to project it onto a full size white sheet. Yes, it is that big of a picture. The picture fans out nicely and appears like you are in an actual movie theater sans the popcorn (Grab that before you sit down). The outdoor movies come through clear and colorful.

For the best and most enjoyable results, grab a few lawn chairs and make it a regular family night out in the yard with the movie playing up on the side of the house. Summertime camping? No problem, take it along and gather the kids up video games, movies and more. Be the parents your kids friends will envy in a good way. Make the campfire popcorn, smores and other favorite snacks to keep them grounded.

Taotaole Mini LED Projector2Finding new and inexpensive ways to bond as a family are more important now than ever before. Family game and movie night was once a regular household treat that kids looked forward to with their parents and friends. Take a moment and bring back those memories, with 20,000 life hours on the Taotaole Multi-media Mini Projector you have plenty of memories awaiting you.

You can pick yours up for under $100

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