Abbey Games Announces Renowned Explorers

Abbey Games, an independent game studio best known for their debut title Reus, has recently announced their new game Renowned Explorers: International Society. Screen3 Renowned Explorers: International Society is set in the 19th century. You are challenged to gather your own crew and find “the most legendary treasure the world has to offer”. Various clues throughout the world help you in locating this treasure. Once you have pin-pointed this location, your band of brothers will explore the newly discovered land under your command in a turn-based gaming approach. You are bound to encounter foes on your journey, and you have options deal with them through combat, conversation, or an amusing mixture of both.

Similar to Abbey’s previous title, Renowned Explorers: International Society is all about randomization. Every new game you play will contain new mysteries, new challenges, and new characters and combinations making for a new experience with each new game. Mastering the art of exploration rewards you with deeper mysteries and even more rare treasures.

Abbey Games gathered inspiration for their newest title from well known resources such as Jules Verne, Indiana Jonas, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and Fire Emblem. Based on what we’ve heard so far, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be an exciting RPG turn-style with a heavy focus on exploration. We look forward to seeing how they combine these two aspects to make a truly unique experience.

If you want detailed information on the game, head to the Renowed Explorer’s website. You will find information on the game’s various characters, hints to help get a head start, and a sneak peak at the detailed island you’re bound to enjoy exploring. A release date still has to be announced for the PC version, but I’m already putting on my Indiana Jones outfit in preparation to be amazed by another exciting Abbey Games release.

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  1. Harry says:

    Love the game!

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