April Fools’ 2014 Gaming Pranks

Every year, companies have come up with news of new products and games that seem too good to be true and sadly most of them are as it’s April Fools’ 2014. Last year they came up with pranks such as the iPlay, a PS3 collection of Gears of War, the Origin Box and more pranks that made some fans drool, this year they’ve gone even further!

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge – Gotta catch ’em all!

This has to be one of the biggest and most famous pranks of all times. The Google Maps App for iOs and Android is a fully functional April Fool’s Day prank where you can find Professor’s Oak his home and start capturing Pokémons across the globe.

The announcement of this prank originated in Japan which is slightly ahead of the rest of the world.


Killzone puppet movie by Tim Burton

A Killzone puppet movie, directed by Tim Burton, starring actors such as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter truly is too good to be true. The blog post states that this story is about “betrayal, deception and tragedy” while “the movie focuses on the events decipted in Killzone Shadow Fall after the Heighast settle on planet Vekta.”

I admit, this would be an awesome addition to the Killzone franchise and the post was a few days ahead of April Fool’s Day but seeing as the first trailer will be available on the 1st of April, we can only assume this is a prank. Also, am I the only one that noticed the art says ‘Tim Burtun’?



Blizzard announces Blizzard Outcasts

Blizzard is finally moving onto new styles and recently announced their newest title Blizzard Outcasts, a Mortal Kombat style game that features all of your favorite Blizzard heroes such as Kael’Thas Sunstrider, Cain, Baneling, Treasure Goblin and even the Battlecruiser! Spread across 3 different tiers, there are 42 different and unique stages where you can fight in, which are based on Blizzard’s previous titles.

By using dirty tricks and suiting up with various shoulder pads, you may win the game but keep in mind that the game is rigged because the matchmaker is broken. To help you even further, the game will have its own specific gamepad with 32 buttons and its own credit card slot. All-in-all, there’s far too much details in here to make it look real but hey, it looks awesome.



Call of Duty Ghosts has renamed game modes

Players of Call of Duty Ghosts have a nice surprise when they log in today and want to play a multiplayer match because all game modes have been renamed! What will you play today? A round of PEW PEW or YOLO or is it going to be the Tic Tac Fo’?

AdventureQuest Worlds turns black and white after not paying their color bill

A large number of players logged into their favorite MMO AdventureQuest Worlds only to reveal a completely black and white world. According to CEO and Founder Adam Bohn, “players were presented a message that the game forgot to pay its color bill and that the stuff is working hard to restore color to the game as soon as possible.”


Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void renamed to Herald of the Stars

According to Jack Sterling, the Head of Trend Studies at Blizzard Entertainment, market studies has proven that “the player community prefers games with titles that form the following acryonym: HotS”, which is why they are renaming Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void to Herald of the Stars.

This April Fool’s Day prank seems unworthy of their other pranks so far but what is noteworthy is that they have a fully functioning  website over at www.heraldofthestars.com with an even bigger surprise in the source-code, go check it out!



Codemaster’s announces GRID: Railroad!

Today Codemaster’s announced their newest title, GRID: Railroad which is set to bring a whole new meaning of racing with the authentic forward, stop and go train movements. The key features of this new racing game includes 1337 miles of racing track, truerail handling, customisable wagons and a dedicated in-train view. All-in-all it sounds convincing!



Flappy Bird gets a Diablo 3 theme

Everyone knows Flappy Bird, the incredibly annoying game for smartphones. Blizzard made a game called Happy Reaper, with similar mechanics. While the game is just as annoying as Flappy Bird, it looks a whole lot cooler with the Diablo 3 theme it has going. Too bad it’s not available on iOS or Android. I’d play it for sure! Want to give it a try to beat my score? Play it here!


fez2Fez II is on!

Phil Fish decided that April Fool’s Day was the best possible way to announce that both him and Fez II are making their return.

Other noteworthy pranks

Because the list of pranks tends to be quite lengthy, here are some other noteworthy pranks.

  • SteamWorld Dig will be renamed to Real-World Mining Simulator – [Source]
  • Half-Life 3 confirmed for Xbone – [Source]
  • ThinkGeek announces Interactive Portal Shirt – [Source]
  • SEGA announces the Sega MEGAne Drive VR glasses – [Source]
  • Thief from Square Enix goes 16-Bit – [Source]
  • Nester announced for Super Smash Bros. – [Source]

If I missed some gaming pranks, feel free to mention them but more importantly, which is your favorite prank?

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