Arma 3 Releases Latest DLC: Video Review


This is Arma 3, the latest installment in the Arma franchise from Bohemia Interactive Studios. Originally designed as a military simulation, it also functions as a military sandbox. The freedom you have in Arma 3 is refreshing, you can do whatever you please and go wherever you like. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination(and maybe your technical skill). Arma 3 has been on sale since last may, but the new DLC was made available this week. This DLC includes the final part of the single player campaign, as well as the much-anticipated Zeus multiplayer.

2013-09-11_00010Both Islands in Arma 3 are gorgeous

Arma 3 is not for everyone, fair warning! That being said, If you have the time and patience to become familiar with it I have no doubt you’ll love it. There are no pre-set goals or challenges; even steam only has 5 achievements tagged to the game so far. The multiplayer is p2p, players across the world host and rent their own unique servers. Arma lacks a built in matchmaking system, which can be a bit inconvenient. To find an online game you need friends or a public server. If you’re unfamiliar with Arma, your itchy trigger fingers won’t get you far. This is not another Run and Gun shooter, patience and focus are required to get the most out of the multiplayer.

2013-04-27_00002Subtle details in Arma 3 make it realistic. Expended rockets in the pod leave an empty slot, clouds reflect on glass.

Overall Arma 3 is a beautiful game with amazing depth. Weapon ballistics are a thing of beauty, it’s clear that each weapon has it’s own unique properties and feel. Bullets behave like you would expect from the real world, penetrating certain objects and bouncing off others. Vehicle handling can be a bit sluggish if you’re using the standard mouse and keyboard, but BIS spent many hours integrating peripheral compatibility. Pilots can use joysticks, drivers can use driving wheels, I was please to find that even gamepads such as a USB Xbox controller worked to perfection.2013-09-11_00013South Eastern coast of Altis


Out of all the Arma games, the latest single player campaign is the most fulfilling. Arma is generally not a game that most play for the single player experience, however it’s worth trying. As far as the story goes, if you have ever read a Tom Clancy book you will be able to predict what is going to happen next. There are no real surprises or plot twists. Characters are forgettable and most AI teammates are disposable. The AI is nothing to write home about. It’s common to see your “fearless” teammates to run directly into enemy gunfire. For such an open and vast game, the AI issues aren’t going to ruin your experience. From the overall perspective, the pacing and presentation of Arma 3’s single player is hands down the best of the series.

2013-12-13_00001             Why are goats such a problem?


Arma is Multiplayer, there is no other way to put it. The dedicated community is the reason Arma continues to thrive. Coders, modders, and admins keep the game alive with countless hours of tinkering and creation for a unique muliplayer experience. Arma is lightyears ahead of the competition as far as it’s versatility and user mod-base. It was a great move on Bohemia’s part to give the modding community freedom to improve and experiment. After all, what’s a sandbox if you can’t bring your own toys?

2014-01-20_00003After a long day with friends, its good to just enjoy the view.


Arma 3 still has a few performance issues. Most of them are minor and hilarious glitches caused by network connections. My friends are able to put in multiple hours of gameplay several time a week without a hitch, but there are still a few things that can cause crashes.The game is CPU intensive, but doesn’t require a beefy GPU. If you plan on building a gaming rig to get the most out of Arma all you need is a CPU with a few cores and at least 4 GB Ram. A fast hard drive will always improve your game, no matter what the game is. I would suggest you prioritize the CPU and Hard drives over getting a massive beast of a graphics card. The heart of your PC must be strong before you can run faster.


While the single player campaign is nothing to write home about, Arma’s multiplayer makes up for it in every way. The ridiculous amount of mods available lets you customize the game to your liking. There is even a dinosaur mod in the works if you miss the Turok series. If you’re into modding, unique multiplayer experiences, or tactical shooters Arma 3 is bound to give you countless hours of enjoyable gameplay.

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