PhoneJoy Play Converts a Smartphone into a PSP (video)

PhoneJoy Converts a Smartphone into a PSP 2

The PhoneJoy Play runs around $60, and provides 20-hours of play time on a single charge.  The PhoneJoy Play is designed to hold your phone, Android or iPhone, in the middle.  Unlike other gamepads, the PhoneJoy Play expands and grips your device, and can accommodate devices as large as the Galaxy Note.

PhoneJoy Converts a Smartphone into a PSP

When closed, the PhoneJoy Play measures 102 mm (w) x 87mm (h) x 37 mm (d), which makes it extremely portable.  Fully open it measures 255 mm (w) x 87 mm (h) x 37 mm (d), and weighs 250 grams.  There are a total of 14 programmable buttons, 2 pressure sensitive analog sticks, 3 LED indicators, and support for iOS, Android, Mac, iCade and others.  And even if your game of choice is only designed to work with on screen controls, they’ve built an app to emulate its buttons.

Expect the PhoneJoy Play to ship April of next year.

Check out the videos…

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