The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1 Faith Review

Hundreds of years ago, the various characters from fairy tales and folklore who refer to themselves as the Fables, were exiled from their Homelands after The Adversary had conquered the realm. The Fables who are able to afford a magic spell called Glamour now live in a community called Fabletown, deep in Manhattan. Those that are unfortunate live on a large farm, mostly referred to as The Farm, in upstate New York which according to many Fables feels more like a prison. The Wolf Among Us takes us back to the beginning of the Fables, possibly even before the first issue of the comic book, a few hundred years after The Exodus.


While the Fables are now living amongst the Mundanes, also known as the Mundys, things are still not well for their kind as a new threat is looming over Fabletown.  A series of murders prove that several Fables are not quite happy with the new arrangements and it is up to Sheriff Bigby Wolf, better known as the Big Bad Wolf, to maintain peace in Fabletown.

The story builds up at a nice slow pace, giving you the time to meet new and more familiar faces but the action is certainly not lacking in the first episode. Almost immediately you get into a fight with a tenant in Toad’s building and several more fights happen during the two-hour lasting episode. The choices you are presented with feel significant to the story but mostly these are remarkable dialogue’s, something Telltale has gotten extremely good at. Only once you are presented with a choice that will have such a deep impact on the story in the entire episode of Faith and this feels like a shortcoming of the game. Hopefully these type of choices will go up in numbers in the next episode, Smoke & Mirrors.


Snow White, Sheriff Bigby Wolf and Ichabod Crane in a discussion.

The Wolf Among Us is a mysterious thriller based on the Fables comic books and if the dark settings with a few over saturated, textured graphics and bold lines is not enough to convince you of its darkness, the violence accompanied with the sound of cracking bones and swear words should. The voice acting is brilliantly done and doesn’t seem to have a flaw with the constant changing of pitches and raw emotions.


If you have played The Walking Dead, you should be familiar with the game play mechanics used in The Wolf Among Us. You have some free reign to walk around and inspect items but the game proves to act more as an interactive comic book with an alternative ending. There is a story, which you are supposed to follow but with the ever-lasting choices you can make, things might end up being completely different in the last episode. As I said earlier, some of these choices don’t seem to impact the story much but the game will let you know if one of these choices may become crucial for a later episode.

Overall the first episode of The Wolf Among Us is the perfect introduction of the Fables and the darkness that is looming over Fabletown. We will be reviewing the 2nd episode, Smoke & Mirrors soon!

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