Valve Unveils Updated Steam Controller Design

Valve Steam Controller
Valve had stated that it would make some major changes to the Steam Controller Design at its “Steam Dev Days” meeting this past January. The Steam controller would allow gamers using the Steam Machine to play their favorite Steam supported PC games on the TV in their living room. Now Valve has released an updated image showing the development progress of the  Steam controller on their blog. They have done away with the controversially touch screen from the controller and replace it with a home button and start button, as well as a D-pad and traditional diamond shapped X, Y, A, and B buttons. This is a dramatic shift from the original touch pad design and shows that feedback has convinced Valve a more traditional console controller design, similar to the PS4 and Xbox One, would better fit gamers needs. While this doesn’t appear to be a finilized design.

Valve also announced they will have play testing of 10 hand-built iterations of the updated Steam controller prototype at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next week. Valve will be listening closely to the feedback it receives from the industry insiders at GDC, and we expect to see a future update to the steam controller in the coming months.

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