Deponia Coming to PSN and PS3 This Summer

German Indie Game Studio Daedalic Entertainment announced they will be releasing a ported version of their award-winning adventure game, Deponia. Expected release for the PlayStation®Network is summer 2014. It will be playable on PlayStation®3.

Deponia Ps3 Release

Deponia is the debut of the point & click adventure game trilogy that focuses on Rufus and his home, the trash planet of Deponia. Rufus is trouble on its own, he is grumpy, easy irritable and has too much self-confidence when it comes down to his abilities. Being a part of the lowest social class, he is doomed to live at the edge of a small settlement covered by mountains of garbage. Like most of his kind, Rufus dreams of living like the rich and famous, who spend their days on a floating city high above the clouds. He sees an opportunity to chase his dreams when the angelic Goal falls from above and he decides to help the attractive lady find her way back home. The simple plan seems to fail when he is in the city as he discovers that the Goal’s husband is a dead ringer for Rufus himself. No matter how many diabolic schemes Rufus can come up with, trouble always seems to find him in this fast-paced comedy of errors.

The controls and the user interface has been remodeled to fit the needs of the PlayStation system. Tom Kersten, producer of the Deponia series explains that “the whole point & click gameplay and feeling will remain the same.” He also states that “we could benefit from the advantages of a controller-based system, for instance by additionally allowing direct Rufus control”, and it will be interesting to see just how much we are able to control the unsuccessful tinkerer Rufus.

Up until now the Deponia trilogy has only been available for PC and Mac but with the first game in the series to be released on the PlayStation Network, it is safe to assume that they will be releasing Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia in the near future as well. Deponia will be released on PlayStation®Network in summer 2014, being playable on PlayStation®3. Wether or not the game will be playable on other systems is unknown.

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