Wargame: Red Dragon Review

Wargame: Red Dragon is the third installment in the Wargame series, a Real Time Strategy game from Eugen Systems. It is an incredibly tense and complex strategy game set in the Cold War era with one idea: What if we were actually at war with Eastern powers during this time?


As far as I could tell from my time with Red Dragon, this idea does not directly tie into the story. We are not given a background to what is going on politically or what changed during this period of time. But, the idea of Cold War conflict ties directly into the game play itself. For the Americans, all of the technology and weaponry that was available from 1975 to  1991 is present. I really couldn’t do the game any justice by saying that there is a lot of military hardware to choose from. I could only say that there is a ridiculous amount of  vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, and infantry units in this game. There are over 1200 units in total between all of the available nations.


Nations represented in this series are; the United States, United Kingdom, France, East Germany, West Germany, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China, Russia, Poland, AND Czechoslovakia. So it makes sense that over 1200 units are available from this large collection of nations.

Wargame:Red Dragon works on a “Deck of Cards” mechanic. Before you jump into the fight you must decide which units from which country or Coalition will represent you and become part of your Deck. There are a limited number of allocation points to spend across the categorical unit types and the more you choose from one category, such as Armor or Infantry, the more expensive each unit in that category becomes for your allocation points. You must pick and choose carefully, there are more units to choose from than you can have in your army. Sometimes more is better, sometimes quality beats quantity. You will have to prepare for whatever your enemy might throw at you.


While you are in the fight, holding territories is the main thing you need to keep up with to maintain a steady lead. When you hold territory, this provides your military with the essential credits to call in more units. You do not have a base to maintain or materials to collect, this sets Wargame apart from other RTS games. The focus is set directly on the fight, not the economy.

The learning curve is steep, and you may never actually reach the peak of understanding this game. But it is great for anyone that loves to tinker, customize, or learn the intricate mechanics of a game. There is always more to learn in Wargame: Red Dragon.

Overall, Wargame: Red Dragon is a welcome addition to the series. With the addition of the East Asian nations as well as the South Pacific nations New Zealand and Australia, there is so much more to learn and enjoy. The addition of Naval vessels really adds to the complexity of the battle, a refreshing change of pace from holding buildings with infantry or storming the fields with tanks(although that never really gets old). Red Dragon holds its place as one of the top strategy games out there.

Wargame: Red Dragon is available through Steam or the Wargame website for $40, and is available April 17th.



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