Wildstar DevSpeak on Warplots

wslogo1Recently the newest DevSpeak video on Warplots was released for NCSoft’s latest hype, Wildstar.

If you miss the good old days where you could battle it out on the battlefield with 39 of your best buddies against 40 other vicious and brutal players, Warplots is your newest addiction. These Warplots are massive 40v40 PvP battles, which players will gain access to as soon as they reach the level cap. Each team has a Warplot they can upgrade and customize as they’d like through the means of modifications bought by the currency called War Coins. You can call upon dungeon and raid bosses that will either defend your own fortress, or attack in your enemies base. To help your conquest, you can also make use of deployables such as bear traps, bug bombs, web cannons, land mines and the list goes on!

Victory can only be achieved when you’re completely destroyed the enemies’ power generators or by killing players and disabling their precious structures to prevent them from gaining more strength. Of course, you can do both if you think you’re brave enough. At the end of each battle, players are rewarded with Loot Bags that can give a number of goodies such as armor upgrades, items and crafting supplies, Prestige and Elder Gems.

Are you ready to become a War-Head or do you prefer to become a Recruit or even a hardcore Mercenary?



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