Gucci SYNC XXL Watch (Video)

Gucci SYNC XXL WatchThe Gucci SYNC XXL watch demands a larger platform for its imagine and design to lay claim upon. With a larger than life image, it needs that much more space to show its face. The seconds are gone far too quickly to miss your chance to see all that the Gucci SYNC has to offer with this Italian dream.

Gucci SYNC XXL Watch SideThe House of Gucci and its nearly century old hold on luxurious fame came to be in 1921 after Guccio Gucci had been inspired by London’s English nobility. He kept a keen eye on them as they came and went from the Savoy Hotel where he had worked. Guccio Gucci desired to return to Italy and have the master Tuscan artists to ally the class, never to reproduce, only to ally. His visions and ideas were set years before he opened his leather and suitcase factory in 1921.

Some of Guccio Gucci most iconic styles came from the days when there was unrest in the streets, government or in other facets of life that would make obtaining materials difficult. During those times, Gucci made their most sought after designs. These are the same designs that have kept Gucci on the map and that will always ensure they stay there.

Gucci SYNC XXL WatchThe Gucci SYNC XXL watch features the distinct colors that lay homage to its original founder. However, the features that draw watch lovers to the SYNC XXL’s side are there for these features:

  • sapphire crystal
  • Water Resistant to 160ft
  • 2yr International Warranty
  • Unisex style
  • 46mm case
  • 3 o’clock date
  • 6 and 12 o’clock Gucci signature trademark stamps
  • 161mm to 200mm adjustable wrist sized band
  • Available in black, white, red, blue, and khaki

In true fashion forum, the Italian heritage is shown in the striking color details of the traditional band inlay, winding dial and the red hints of the Gucci and Swiss Made on the face plate. They offer a balance on the solidarity of the solid yet sensual black, white and blue color choices. Equally noted, while black and white will always be such, the blue is an astonishing razor sharp imagine of what you would want in style. The sheer shine of the sun-brushed dial with matte interlocking G easily captures the eye and etches itself into a passersby’s memory. If it’s possible to carry the weight off all three, you will be tested through and through. The sight of the Gucci SYNC XXL Watch makes asking for the time worth the effort.

Gucci SYNC XXL WatchWhen it comes to style and sophistication, you want to select a watch that not only compliments your clothing sense but also one that enhances your physical sense as well. The Gucci line offers the toning details that make a $500 watch more than just a watch. It becomes an accessory to your hands, the polished look and smooth lines of the Gucci SYNC XXL Watch will tell you more than just the time. To others, they know luxury when they see it and your wrists walk in sync with it day in and day out. That is what Gucci is all about. It is not replicating, it is standing side by side and becoming better just because you really are.

Check out this video of the Gucci SYNC XXL Watch:

The Gucci SYNC XXL sells for $500.

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