Movado Women’s Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle Watch

Movado Women's Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle WatchSimply magnificent, the history of the Movado takes one back to 1881 in a village of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland to meet its founder, a 19 yr old Achille Ditesheim. His passion for the art of designing time pieces brought him to open a small workshop and name it “Movado” simply because it meant something of the sorts to be always in motion. He hired six men to man the workshop with him. He went on to design pocket watches that were far beyond the times in which he lived, he turned that into a designer’s paradise of precision watches. One does not simply stumble upon 200 plus International Awards and become parts of permanent collections in museums throughout the world. Achille was an innovator, a pioneer, a designer who managed to build an empire with one simple set of numbers beginning with 1 and ending with 12.

The Movado Women’s Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle requires only a simple glance to capture the attention of the admirer. The black dial cover set against the polished stainless steel bangle provides an alluring and timeless scene. If there were no words, the Amorosa would still speak in volumes. The glistening of just one of the 18 diamonds accents casts prisms of rainbows reflections. The Amorosa is simply not just a timepiece…

Movado Women's Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle WatchAdditional Features include:

  • 30m water resistant for brief immersions in water
  • 24 month Movado Warranty
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • 2011 Model Year
  • Accurate to within seconds a year
  • Removable links for a custom fit
  • Sealed for protection against water, moisture and dust

The elegant sense of style for the casual wearer of the Amoroso truly defines the intent of the Movado. It was never just about the day and hour. Movado –always in motion—timeless- sleek, like a panther that is on the hunt, the lines are clearly defined yet appealing to all who see. The Amoroso is not the accessory but it is rather the one who chooses to be its model. Comparatively priced at one thousand US dollars, it remains a well-respected and desirable timepiece. With fours marketable years under its band, the Amoroso still holds a fair share on the market, the solid almost new to the market price tag reflects its ongoing popularity. The reviews remain high-highly pleased with some reporting a minor 2-3 week wait list.

Movado Women's Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle WatchAchille Ditesheim knew what it took to draw the attention of another. It wasn’t just about drawing their attention; one had to simply cause them to glance back a few times. The sleek and elegant style of the Movado Amorosa has that ability. The simple addition of the black dial plate drew the attention back a time or two in wonderment a simple acknowledgment for the watcher to indeed verify that it was not a source of trickery. The Amorosa has always had that ability; the envy and jealousy …can’t be helped when one steps out in style, grace and sheer elegance.

~ “A single drop of perfection lays transparent for all to see perched on its peddle stool at high noon. ” (KED) It is as if it was written only to describe the strike of 12 on the Movado Women’s Amorosa Diamond-Accented Stainless Steel Bangle.

The Movado Women’s Amorosa Watch starts at $995.

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